Friday, April 7, 2017

March Updates

Foot update
It occurred to me that I haven't mentioned my foot since just before my last x-ray.  Good news although not the best: my foot is "healing" which means I don't have to wear the boot any more but have to be careful for quite a while, as apparently this type of fracture is "notorious" for re-breaking. Turns out being in a CAM boot for 12 weeks means your foot forgets how to walk properly, so I'll be hobbling around slowly for a few weeks to come.

March Counterfeit Kit
Well this kit was huge, and although I never expected to "kill" it thoroughly, I ended up with only 2 full sheets of paper out of 25 or so, so I'm pretty happy with that!  Here's the last pages I made:

This first one started with me thinking that if I fussy-cut the flowers out of this particular sheet of paper, I would be more likely to use it, followed by the realisation that the B-side of that same paper matched my shirt in this photo from our auction day:

Next I noticed how many bits of Echo Park bits and pieces I still had in the kit, and made my next page, complete with process video:

In the video I show what I have left from the kit and mention my hope to make 2 or 3 more pages before finishing with the kit (including that one).

I knew I'd be annoyed if I didn't use this pink Basic Grey paper so I used it on this page about when Maddy and I went to see the musical, Wicked. I'd been really enjoying using the mistable butterflies (not that I've misted them yet!) and wished I could make them match the glitter thickers a bit more . . . which sent sent me on a hunt for what is possibly my oldest remaining papercrafting supply - my clear KindyGlitz!  It needed a good shake and the nozzle is a little more prone to blockages, but it worked great!

It also gave me the inspiration to "KindyGlitz" up my DIY dimensional dots!

This next page would have been almost entirely from the kit, with a polka-dot background paper, until I came across the rocket paper as I was preparing my April kit.

It's a page about our church's space-themed Kids Club I helped at last year.  I mean, how often does a girl have a reason to make a space-themed page after all!?  (I'll do the title next time I get my Silhouette out)

So then I still had a polka-dot paper with a bit of work done on the bottom, as well as the other dotted paper I had gutted the middle out of.  I didn't want to put that back in my stash as I was worried about damaging it, so I finished off with these two back to school pages:

I was scrapping with (Youtube) friends again, and the black stripes in the background of this one were inspired by a video I was watching by Hannah Lemieux - you can watch it here.
I really love the look of it, but I think I'll have to do it again on a one-photo page so you get more of the effect!

Spending Freeze Update
Last but not least, I've made it to half way through my 100 page spending freeze!!!! That last page was number 51!

Thanks so much for stopping by, why not take the time to leave a comment and tell me what crafty goodness you're getting up to lately!

April Counterfeit Kit - and DIY "enamel dots"

Here is this month's Counterfeit Inspiration:

It's the February kit from Cocoa Daisy! I wasn't sure if I would play along this month, but that was before I say this kit.  The bright colours and whimsical details are perfect for so many pages.

Here is what my kit looks like:

and the video that shows my process for choosing what I did:

In other Youtube news, I've started a new series, which I've called "Ultimate Scrapbook DIY's", beginning with my absolute all time favourite money-saving DIY, fake enamel dots:

Enjoy your weekend and happy scrapping!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A night on the town and two soccer grand finals.

I've got a few more pages to share with you today, starting with one I created using another sketch from The Memory Nest.

Here it is:

I dug into my stash looking (not very hopefully, I might add!) for a paper that might match my dress.  The night skyline paper gave me the inspiration for how to take this page.  It's kind of an inside joke, really.  Number one, Newcastle really doesn't have a city skyline quite like that.  Number two, we got dressed up for our anniversary dinner before we decided where we were eating, and ended up at a very casual (but still very nice!!) pub on the foreshore.  Number three, being daylight savings, and us being the early to bed types, it was barely dark by the time we got home!

 And a couple of pages for Rohan about his soccer grand final last year (they lost) . . .

. . . and the year before (they won!)

Lots of good fun, mainly using my Counterfeit Kit. Hope to catch up with you again soon!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A trio of Aussie challenges.

1. Scrapbook Boutique

Here's this month's mood board:

I decided to dig into my stash of packaging strips for this one . . . and attempt another process video!

Here are the photos:


2. Next up, Scrapbooking Top 50

Here's the lovely colour challenge:

And my take on it . . .

I hadn't realised it initially, but this one worked perfectly with my Counterfeit Kit for this month!

3. Last but not least, the sketch this month from Shop and Crop:

This one's a combination of the last two in the sense that it combines both packaging strips from my stash and elements from my Counterfeit Kit.

 The mixed media background was so much fun I don't know why I don't do it all the time!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're finding time to challenge yourself too!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

More Counterfeit Kit pages - with a bit of help from a couple of friends.

So you might or might not know that I fractured a bone in my foot at the start of the year.  After 11 weeks of hobbling around in a CAM boot, I'm very much looking forward to having another X-ray in a few days and (God willing!) being able to Get. Out. Of. That. Boot.
Unfortunately it's not guaranteed, and it could be that I spend many more weeks in the boot and ultimately even get it pinned, but I see no reason not to hope for the best at this stage. 
Knowing that my life might get back to normal soon (in terms of housework, exercise, paid work, etc etc) I'm aware that my time in the craft room might soon cut back.  So I'm trying to get as many pages done for my spending freeze goal as possible.

Here's what I've done in the last few days . . .

 First up, another page using the same "first day of school" photo, this time for Maddy's album.

Then I decided I needed a bit of inspiration, when I was struck by this lovely sketch at The Memory Nest.

Here's the page I created:

 Heard of "Christmas in July?" Although come to think of it, those of you in the Northern Hemisphere might not be aware of it's existence as a "thing" - it was created so we southerners could truly appreciate all the cold-weather Christmas trimmings like baked dinners and eggnog without doing it in the middle of a sweltering summer. 
Anyway, our kids and their friends wanted to twist it a bit - they had enjoyed an Easter joke-making session so much they wanted to repeat it - hence Easter in September!

The most common way I scrapbook multiple photos these days is to make a traditional page hero-ing one or two photos, and place the rest in a pocketed page protector.

In this case I ended up using both sides of the page-protector and making two "traditional" pages.

I was scrapping with my good buddy Glitter Girl while making this  second "traditional" page (by which of course I mean that I had Youtube running in the background), and she was scrapping with a stamp.  So of course I spent much too long looking for a dress-form stamp I thought I owned, before coming to the conclusion that I had borrowed it from a friend.  So I used a different stamp and cut a dress-form on my Silhouette.  Anyway I'm very grateful to my Superhero friend for her timely inspiration!

But wait, there's more!

Because of course I was working on a Circus layout, and knew I had some circus stamps as well.  I was too far along in the process to include a clown stamp, but I used the big ball stamp in both my background and my cluster.  Happy days!

Phew! Thanks for visiting.  I'm heading back to the craft desk, and I hope you get to this weekend as well!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Counterfeit Kit - first 4 pages . . . and a process video!!

Well I was a bit nervous about how large I made my kit this month . . . the larger a kit, the harder it is to "kill", right?  Lately I've been considering parts of my kit as the "challenge" items.  Last month it was those lilac papers and die-cuts.  This month, I'm aiming to use, as a minimum, all the "main kit" papers - those directly inspired by the Hip Kit Club papers, and a large floral Kaisercraft sticker that doesn't appear in the video or any of the kit photos, but does appear on the page below! Hooray!

The first two pages were used with items pretty much exclusively from the kit, as was the third one, although I used the opposite side of the background page to the one I originally picked it for . . .

. . . and here's the process video showing how I made it!

This final page I'm sharing today started out as a kit page . . .

. . . but I swapped so many things that in the end, the only things from the kit were the tiny word stickers and the gold stars and dots!