Saturday, March 5, 2011

Back up your photos!

My computer has been at the doctor's for a couple of weeks (or in this case, the 'Wizards") but it's back, all programs wiped but files backed up THANK GOD!!!  I could cope with losing anything except of course my photos, which I am now backing up to a memory stick as I type this.  Except of course I have so many photos to copy I think I will be off to buy another one tomorrow! A lesson to us all, back up your photos! Don't wait until it is too late!!!
I made this card for a lovely friend's 40th birthday, using the latest colour scheme from the ColourQ website.  I am consistently amazed by how well the colours go together, I would NEVER be confident to put this many colours together by myself.

I've managed to put quite a few pages together over my last few computer-free weeks; hope to post some photos soon!