Sunday, March 22, 2015

Not another waterfall photo . . . ?

(Or the last of the Tasmania full page layouts)

I've waited until all the "traditional" pages are finished to show you the rest of the pages from my Tasmania album.

And yes! Another waterfall . . . is it possible to get bored of waterfalls?  I don't think so.  The waterfalls we visited in Tasmania may not be the biggest the world has to offer, but they are all beautiful, don't you think?

The battery on my camera actually went flat on this walk, and I didn't have my spare with me, luckily I got this photo before it ran out!

This staircase leads to a lookout at the neck of Bruny Island.  We were laughing at some tourists who were more interested in taking selfies than looking at the beautiful view, oblivious to the fact that the headland was teeming with penguin burrows. (Some of the little residents were visible from the path with just a little searching).  And then we took a selfie of our own.

How spectacular is this mountain lake we found on a walk in the Huon Valley?  Only Maddy and Rob were game to dive on in to the icy water.  And we might just have spent a bit of time taking photos of each other here, too . . .

This was our first visit to the top of Mount Wellington.  Although the weather down in Hobart was fine, we drove through the clouds to the top to see . . . more clouds.  We did go back a couple of days later (along with every other visitor to Hobart, apparently) and the view was spectacular.

Did I mention how much our boys like to climb to the top of things?  On our first night in Bicheno, they looked up at the boulders you could see from our Caravan Park and immediately wanted to climb them. Here's the view from the top a couple of days later.

Could anything feature in my album more often than waterfalls?  It could if it was as fabulous as Cradle Mountain!  Another view from Dove Lake, this time with the iconic boat house in the foreground:

I was channelling my inner Wilna on this page, inspired by this page here to put the blocks of patterned paper on the right, as well as the vertical strip of embellishments she often does.  {Inner Wilna . . .sigh . . . imagine if that was an Actual Thing . . . I bet even my shopping lists would look beautiful}

Cradle Mountain again, this time the view as we make our way back down from the top.
You know the problem with my money-saving decision to put a layout on both sides of American Crafts cardstock?  Those label stickers on the back, which just don't come off as easily as you think they should.  The placement of the papers on this page just *might* have been influenced by the fact that I tore the cardstock while trying to take the sticker off.

Is it weird that I made my family pose with a piece of play equipment shaped like giant cherries?  Cherries were such an important part of our holiday that I thought I needed some sort of photographic reminder.  Supermarket cherries? I don't know if we'll ever be able to face them again!  Our very best cherry day was our visit to the Huon Valley, which started with $10/kilo cherries from a fruit barn which were DIVINE and ended with $5/kilo cherries from a road side stand owned by a gorgeous old couple which tasted Just. As. Good.  And then there was the cherry-flavoured ice creams  . . .

Thanks for visiting with me.  I spent some time on my Silhouette cutting titles this afternoon, so I hope to have some of the pocketed pages finished to show you soon.  I hope you'll come back then!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Tasmanian holiday pages

The "traditional" pages for my Tasmania album are coming together super quickly (although I'm not dwelling too much on the fact I haven't done titles or journaling yet!).  Here's the next 5 completed pages to show you, for a total of 8 pages - half of the 16 I plan to do. 
I've decided to conserve cardstock by scrapping on both sides of each page - in other words I've done every second page, and now I'll flip them over and start again on the backs - I'll just have to be careful they're the right way up when I start to stick things down!

One of the highlights of our holiday was a cruise around the bottom of Bruny Island.  This photo was taken at the end:

 On our last day in Hobart, I took the kids to the Cascades Female Factory (old convict site) while Robert took a tour of Cascades Brewery.  Our tour finished first so we waited for Robert in the bar, overlooking this amazing garden.  Anyone who's seen a bottle of Cascades will recognise the iconic building in the background.

We were in Cradle Mountain National Park for 3 days before the weather cleared up enough for us to head out into the Park itself (albeit in thermals, raincoats, and beanies).  A lovely fellow bushwalker offered to take this photo for us as we had our lunch overlooking the beautiful Dove Lake, with Cradle Mountain in the background.  I'm so glad she did as it's one of my favourite photos of the trip.  It even has the bird in the bottom corner that watched us the whole time we were there, obviously hoping to share our sandwiches.

Here we are the very next day, sweltering in shorts and T-shirts, having scaled the top of Cradle Mountain itself. That's Tasmania for you!

We squeezed in one last visit to a waterfall on our way up to the ferry on our last day.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you're finding time for something crafty, too!