Sunday, May 31, 2015

Going for the vintage vibe on some wedding photos.

 Well, I told you last time I was struggling a bit with the "vintage" feel of this month's Counterfeit Kit.  Without any actual "vintage" photos to scrap, I figured the next best thing was to finish scrapping the photos of my nephew's wedding.  What do you think?

I managed to get in some doilies, a few sheets of the vintage themed 6" papers and even one of the Prima paintable cards.  I even slipped in some lace in between the background layers like the shabby chic girls do!   I finished the page with some metallic gold sewing thread.  (And I might have to take back every superior thought I've ever thought when someone has struggled with metallic thread on their Youtube video, that stuff is temperamental!)

Next up I wanted to do a page about what our family wore to the wedding.  Because if you dress up as rarely as we do, getting new outfits for the whole family is a BIG DEAL.  My husband even bought a suit! (He said: "but I didn't even wear a suit to my father's funeral".  I said "but if you'd had one, you would have").
I spent way too long looking for the second sheet of that blue paper to use on this next page before simultaneously realising that
a) it was from a paper pad I split with my sister, so I don't have the second sheet, and
b) the two pages won't be facing each other in the album, thus making a) irrelevant!

After looking up the page this one will be facing, I immediately knew they would never "match" but I could at least avoid them clashing too terribly.  I used another of those paintable cards, this time I painted the rose and slipped it to the left of the photo, while using the other half in the top corner as my title block.  I was very happy to use one of my Jenni Bowlin Bingo cards on this page as well, and love how "adore my family" kind of becomes the sub-title to the page.

Finally, I wanted to put all the rest of the photos of the day together on a two-page spread. I'm a bit out of practice on 2-pagers, so it was Let's Scrap to the rescue, with this sketch:

Not only did it have the right number of photos, but that tree instantly reminded me of the amazing tree that the wedding took place under, on the bride's family property near Canberra.

Here's how the pages will sit in my album:

Then the double pager:
And finally the two reception pages:

I've got plans for at least one more of those paintable cards and the second Bingo card before I call this kit, if not killed, at least well-enough used for now!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Just One Sheet"

Hello and welcome.  I'm back with another International Scrapbooking Day challenge from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  This time it's the challenge to be inspired by "Just One Sheet" of paper.

I've interpreted this challenge two different ways.

I often include in my Counterfeit Kits one or two "challenge" papers - papers that have been sitting around for a while and/or that I've found particularly hard to use.

This month it was that green and brown paper, fourth from the left.  It's from the Basic Grey "Oxford" collection, and it was one of those internet purchases on super-special that looked a whole lot different in real life to what it did in the little picture on the screen.

My first thought was to cover most of the paper with gesso, and then kind of work from there, which I did.  But I then I thought, why not just use it to back another sheet of paper/cardstock, so I did that.  A bit of the gesso shows, but I'm OK with that.

Next up, I was inspired by a video I saw on Youtube on mixing patterned papers.  Among other things, she cut a sheet of paper in half and then used both A and B side at once by taping them together with washi tape.  (You can watch it here)

I thought this was a super-fun idea, and one I'll probably use again.

I added a couple of 6" sheets from my stash and ended up with . . . something that doesn't look even remotely vintage! LOL.  That's OK, I've still got a couple of ideas up my sleeve to make the most of my vintage-inspired "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" Counterfeit Kit before I abandon the concept of vintage altogether!

Monday, May 18, 2015

First 2 pages with May Counterfeit Kit

I've been struggling with the whole "vintage" vibe of my Counterfeit Kit this month . . . perhaps I don't have the "right" photos to scrap, or perhaps it's just not my style?  And I think I've definitely been trying too hard to focus on using all the brown papers I included this month.
Anyway, I've managed to have a couple of pages ready to show you today, with a couple more coming soon.

First up, a page about the present Maddy gave her Dad for Christmas last year, where I quite by accident used some "traditional" red and green.

For the next page, I used the Shimelle sketch from one of the Counterfeit Kit NSD challenges:

 This sketch to me is the sort of Shimelle-inspired page that I've done so often that I've almost forgotten where the inspiration comes from. 

A bit of stamping gave the Jenni Bowlin tags a soccer twist.

Thanks for visiting, I hope to see you again soon!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Comfort Scrapping

I've been in a bit of a funk this week, both in the craft room and out.  I decided I really needed a boost of some kind.  Maybe something like this . . .

No, I'm not talking about comfort eating . . . (I actually gave up sugar recently, and in some ways, I've never felt better, so not only am I not at )

I'm talking about comfort scrapping! This is the May inspiration for Scrapbook Boutique.  We're talking white, pink, gold and BUTTERFLIES!! YAY!

I got to play with some fun things on this page.  My gelatos, some Wilna Furstenberg "print and cut" files, and an old favourite of mine, embossed vellum butterflies.

To match the inspiration  piece, I stamped the butterflies using Brilliance "Galaxy Gold" and embossed with "Sparkle" embossing powder, which is clear with glitter. Nice.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Counterfeit Kit, "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"

Hello and welcome!

The inspiration over at The Counterfeit Kit Club this month is something a little older . . .

A Jenni Bowlin kit from 2011, accompanied by a more recent Jenny Bowlin add-on . . .

 This month for my Counterfeit Kit, I did something I've never done before . . . I bought some new product!  I know, right?  That's not what the whole Counterfeiting thing is about, is it?  And it's certainly not what I'm about! 
But you see, I've been wistfully browsing the websites of the various Kit Clubs again recently, and yet again come away saying, I just can't afford it!  The overseas ones work out over $50 a month by the time they're posted, and that's without thinking about all those lovely add-ons!  The local ones don't work out that much cheaper, and aren't my favourites.  Then there's the fact that kits tend to be a bit "embellishment heavy" for me, and what about the things you end up with you don't like . . . you know how it goes.
So I figured, maybe what I'm really craving is a regular injection of "newness" into my supplies.  So  while I can't justify $50+ every month, I can do that every 2 or 3 months, with a smaller purchase squeezed in every now and then.  And I also figured, as I usually buy paper, paper and more paper, that I'd experiment with buying a little bit more embellishment fun, and see how that goes for a while.

But enough chatter, let's have a look at the kit that I put together, which I'm calling "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" . . .

Ok, let's take a closer look.  Like last month, I didn't try and follow the kit too closely. I just came away with a list of characteristics I had noticed.  It looked a bit like this:
  • vintage
  • orange, green and brown
  • labels and bingo cards
  • doilies and flowers.
I started with some 6" papers that came in my parcel (Basic Grey "Fact" and Studio Calico "Memoir")  and added some more from my stash . . .

Lots of orange, green and brown! I decided to use that patchwork paper as the colour scheme of my kit, so I added a bit of blue and red as well.  12" papers next . . .

Yikes, this is turning into a big kit again!  But sometimes it's easier to go with that than waste time paring it back . . .

Now I know you're waiting to see what I bought to put in the kit, aren't you?

OK, so obviously when I'm talking about an injection of "newness" I mean new to me, not necessarily products new to the stores! Not one item did I pay full price for.  In there you'll spot some "tiny type" stickers, label stickers and other journalling spots, Amy Tangerine embellishment pack, flags and bingo cards from Jenni herself.  My one regret?  Somehow I didn't realise that I was paying $2.99 for one flower. Three dollars.  For ONE flower.  Imagine if I paid full price of $7.99!!  Admittedly it is a big flower.  Possibly too big for me to use.  But I've put it in the kit and I figure if I haven't used it by the end of the month, I'll put it on a hair clip for my daughter.

 After last month's stamp-and-emboss style of lettering, I'm ready for some quick and easy titles.  Rather than pull out  a couple of alphas, I've divided my entire letter sticker stash (suprisingly large for someone who doesn't buy them that often) into ones that might potentially work with this kit and ones that won't.  I've also rifled through my growing stash of cut-apart tags and journalling spots and pulled out any that might potentially work.  Here's a sample . . .

I've also pulled out this little box of layering goodness, mostly won as a prize a little while back . . .

My kit is finished off with some doilies, and a Kaisercraft "Vintage Timeless" paper pad I bought a while back but haven't touched yet.  I love that Kaisercraft make their pads 6 and a half inches, meaning you can matt a standard 6x4 photo without trimming it down.

I might also pull out some doily stamps, and some lace or ribbon.  If I have the time, I'd love to try my hand at some of the "shabby chic" flower tutorials I've been watching lately, also.

I can smell the sausages sizzling, which must mean it's time to finish up.  Happy Mothers Day to everyone for tomorrow, I hope you get spoilt rotten, and maybe find some crafty time, too!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gold Fever!!!!

 Do you remember your first love?  Your paper crafting first love, that is!  What got you started on this hobby? For me, it would have to be heat embossing.  Stamping an image, pouring the powder on, and then . . . the magic!  Heating that powder and watching it melt and transform into a beautiful shiny, raised surface.  Those of us who didn't have heat tools used our toasters . . . powder side up, of course!

So I'm so pleased that the gold thickers of the April Counterfeit Kit Challenge inspiration kit, "Messy Kit" reminded me of this love. And a bit of gold ink might have found it's way to some edges, as well. . .

After I'd made a couple of pages with my April kit, I decided I needed to focus on the black-and-white papers that I had included, and, with a bit of help from my February kit, ended up with 11 "starter page kits" scattered on my floor.

I didn't really think I'd get very far with those page kits, but a day off work during The Big Storm gave me some extra time.  (Mind you I did have a whole title ready to emboss before I realised it's a bit hard to use a heat gun with no power!)

I gave myself until the end of this weekend to finish as many as I could and I'm pretty pleased with how much I got done . . .

A little story about a giant pizza . . .

Our family loved the second of "The Voice" Australia.  If you haven't seen Harrison Craig's blind audition, it's totally worth a look. Maddy and I went to see him when he came to our local Westfield . . .

Loving the pink, gold and black/white stripe combo on this page . . . .

Working the green frame paper as a patterned paper as well as an embellishment  . . . 

After I scrapped this page about Rohan's presentation day last year we both realised there wasn't actually much to say . . . 

I'm loving those vellum hearts, and the bright colours on this page of Maddy painting a rock on the Port Macquarie breakwall . . . 

Rohan took some awesome photos of my niece and nephew with my brand new DSLR.  I love scrapping these guys, and not just because of the "you've scrapbooked my children more than I have" comments I get from my sister (check the comments below to see if she's been!)

Just a coffee break at our local shopping centre, but an Instagram competition (which I never entered) encouraged me to take this cute picture . . . 

Terrible photos but a memory I wanted to record . . .

It never would have occurred to me to put gold on a teenage boy page, but I'm loving how it looks . . .

There's two page kits left which I've set aside for now, mostly to see if there might be some other photos to include.

Thanks for stopping by. . . I hope you've had some crafty time this weekend, too!