Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I got up to in August.

August for me saw me working, painting (at an agonisingly slow pace!), gardening . . . and caring for a husband after his recent knee surgery.

When it came to craft, quite frankly, the other activities zapped the energy right out of me. I was more likely to be in bed with my laptop, watching Youtube process videos or pinning on Pinterest than engaging in anything creative myself!

I was also much better at starting projects than I was at finishing them, but this morning I finally finished two pages using a mixture of stash items and my August Counterfeit Kit, "From England With Love".

I don't expect you to remember this, so I'll just point out that my August (oh who am I kidding, I may as well call it August-September) counterfeit kit was actually a kit put together for me as a prize by the talented Jennifer Grace.

 To see how Jennifer created the lovely faux-wood veneer pieces I used on this page, hop over to her old blog, here. 


When she was putting the kit together for me, Jennifer suggested that I could challenge her to make something for the kit, so I requested a banner made from paper scraps.  I love how she used the two different banner shapes on this one, and it has me yearning to sit down with my own scraps and cut away!

I've finished my coffee, so it's time to go out and do some more painting, but hopefully it won't be quite so long before I have something more to share with you! I hope you're finding some time for your crafty endeavours, too!