Thursday, July 20, 2017

Final page of my 100 page spending freeze!

As promised, I thought that the final page of my 100-page spending freeze was deserving of a video.

For inspiration, I took the mood board from Scrapbooking Top 50 this month:

So cute!

Here's my video . . .

. . . and some photos . . .

This page tells the story of how I broke my foot at the start of this year!
Not only is it the story of an accident, but it is a page on which a few accidents happened.  We want all our pages (and process videos!) to be perfect, but that's just not real life, is it?  I'm glad I persevered  with this page - I'm happy with how it turned out, and mistakes are how we learn, right?

Thanks for visiting, and let me know if a short series on doing a scrapbook spending freeze is something you'd be interested in watching?

Sunday, July 16, 2017

School holiday scrapping.

It's the end of our two week mid year school holidays around here, and the time in the craft room over the holidays is always a bit erratic, and the time on the computer to blog about it even more so!
But I've grabbed my turn on the computer tonight to finally show you what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks, with pages using my last month's Counterfeit Kit and my Cocoa Vanilla "expand a collection" kit (with not much Cocoa Vanilla left!)

Let's start with a challenge, shall we?

I do like a good sketch challenge, and Stuck?! sketches is one of my regulars:

Dolphins and whales are always wonderful to watch, but ridiculously difficult to photograph!  On this dolphin cruise page I put a frame around the other dolphin watching boat and the little speck in the water that is a dolphin fin!

I also completed my July Stash It Monday video for the Crafty Mavens Getaway channel, which went live a week and a half ago:

And some more pages:

A warning: the last page I am going to show you is about my son's infected toenail that he had a couple of years ago.  Scrapping doesn't always have to  be about the good stuff all the time, does it?  But if you have a delicate stomach for such things, you might not want to scroll down to the end!

But exciting news!!  The pages I'm showing you bring me to 99 pages out of my 100 page spending freeze!  As you can imagine there is much rejoicing in my craft room as I come to the end of this phase, (and much thinking about what I might buy in my first purchase). I think page 100 deserves a process video, don't you?  Hopefully I'll be back with that in a couple of days.

Oh yeah, and here's the gross toe page . . .