Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One day when I was waiting for the phone to ring . . .

It was a slightly stressful day a few weeks ago, we were about to embark on making an offer on another house (we've since exchanged contracts and are aiming to move before Christmas! hysterical shriek of laughter!), and I was wandering around the house for half the day, both phones in hand, waiting for the Real Estate agent to ring me back.  I found it hard to settle into anything productive, and the one thing I really wanted to do - getting up the ladder with the power tools - was really not an option!  Eventually, I found myself in the craft room. At last! Something I could settle into.

First up I finished this page, which came together pretty quickly as the main elements had been on my desk for a week or two:

I inked the thickers to get a shade closer to the other elements on my page, which fits in nicely with Challenge #2 at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, to alter the colour of something on your page.

Next up, I started a page for the Scrap the Boys challenge of "Man's Best Friend".  I took the literal approach and scrapped an old photo of Angus with our friend's puppy.

At the same time, I took the Kraft It Up challenge to use Wood Veneers.

Well thanks for stopping by, I don't think there'll be too much more action on this little blog over the next month or so, but I've still got plenty of goodies in my October Counterfeit Kit, "packing boxes", so you never know . . .

Monday, November 4, 2013

The page that took me most of the month . . . and the one with the grid.

 You might have read in my last post about how we'd had an offer accepted on a house and that we were madly packing . . . or you might have read that same post later in the month where I updated it to say that the sale had fallen through. {Massively big sigh}.

So, while the packing is on hold for the time being, I'm no less busy, as we're still preparing our house for sale . . . painting, repairing the deck, gardening, more painting . . . you get the idea. Oh yes, and back to the round of Saturday morning open houses, of course.

So first up, the page that took me most of the month to put together . . .

I've packed the folder with all my photo proofs in it, so I'll have to add the date in later . . .

Then, because I wanted to feel at least a little bit a part of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, I decided to take on Challenge #3, to use a grid.

I like this type of page for when I want to put something  together pretty quickly. As a bonus, it only requires one full sheet of paper (which I cut the middle out of) and the rest can be 6" pages or off-cuts.

Still plenty left in my kit to see me through the next month or so . . .