Saturday, January 31, 2015

Some Silhouette Wall Art . . .

I wonder if anyone out there understands my love affair with Mod Podge?  It's not so much the product itself, although of course it's great at what it does. . . .

It's more about the fact that when I pull it out, it can only mean one thing . . .

A Special Project!!!!!

I'm just waiting for my photos from our recent trip to Tasmania, so thought I'd whip up a Special Project that's been in the pipeline for a while . . . and show you a few other projects I didn't find the time to show you when I made them last year.

This first one, I made for Maddy's room, when she was having a tough time settling in at her new school:

For the background, I used a bunch of primarily white patterned paper scraps.  I mod-podged them to the canvas and then white-washed over them, before glueing down the words.  I chose the papers for the words from my scraps as well.

This next one makes me so, so happy.  It hangs on the wall that you see when you enter the front door, and also when I leave my bedroom in the morning.

Once again, I tried to use scraps if possible for the words, but I also wanted the rainbow effect, so I think I ended up cutting into one full sheet of paper to get the colours I was happy with.
(Actually, if any of you know your scripture very well, you'd know that two of the words are the wrong way round . . . I made a mistake with which world I cut out in which colour, and decided to stick with the rainbow order, as the meaning of the passage hasn't changed in any way!)

And finally, this weekend's quick project . . . when I first saw this Cut File in the Silhouette store (the other two are from the Silhouette store also, if you're interested), it totally resonated with me, and I knew it would find it's way onto my bookshelf sooner or later . . .

 . . . the background is a sheet of paper which was a bit too yellowy-browny for what I wanted, so I quickly brushed it over with a diluted coat of gesso while the Silhouette was at work . . . easy peasy!

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope to see you again soon!