Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stamp Camp memories

Not much craftiness going on here at the moment; I'm still working plus struggling with a cold, plus seemingly perpetual wet weather to add the challenge of getting the washing dry . . . you get the idea.
So today, I thought I'd finally publish a post on a page that I made back in April as an "assignment" for the "Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking class".  Chapter 3 is on using sketches.  Now I am no stranger to using sketches, so I could have skipped this assignment quite easily, but there was one sketch I really wanted to use.  The perfect sketch for someone with a Silhouette SD and knows they won't be getting a Cameo anytime soon . . .

See what I mean?  I can't fit a 12" sheet into my silhouette, but by hanging the shape off the edge of the page, it kind of looks like I can!

This story comes from way back in 2003 when I was heavily pregnant with Maddy.  My friend, Jade and I went up to our favourite Stamping shop's "stamp camp" for the day.
Can you see the name-tags that Jade and I are wearing in the photo?  Part of the preparation for the weekend was to decorate your own  name-tag, and both of us, without consultation, had added springy things to ours.
I used the same stamp as I did on my name-tag for my custom-stamped background.
If you've never done anything like my stamped background, it's actually pretty easy.  Start with your focal point (in this case my heading, stamp camp, in black) then randomly stamp your largest stamps (stamp in lilac and camp in blue) progressing down in sizes to fill in the blanks.  See, told you it was easy! 

This page could definitely be filed under "old photos go well with older products"; I used 3 sheets of paper out of the (thankfully shrinking) folder of "really quite old" papers, not to mention the fibres on the LHS border.

It's amazing that you haven't heard more from me about Jade, she is a dear friend and an avid stamper and scrapbooker.  The "House of Jade" is a  great source of inspiration to me, but it's her turn to have very young children, and my turn to re-train (last year) and attempt to re-enter the workforce (this year) making co-ordination time a bit of a challenge!
Jade credits me with introducing her to stamping, when she came to a Crafty Kids party at my house back in the early years.  I credit Jade as being the only crafty friend I have with a bigger stash than mine!

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I'll be back in the craft room with something new to share with you soon!

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