Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kit scrapping

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January 26.  Australia Day.  We've had a very Aussie morning and been to the beach, with lamingtons and "Aussie Burgers" on the agenda for later.  We're just back from a week's camping by a beach up the coast, and I've used some of my "recovery time" to finish off some pages I started before I went away . . .

For a while there, I thought that the name of my January Counterfeit Kit, "Summer Heat" was going to refer more to the fact that my kit was hiding away in my craft room . . . where the summer heat meant that it was an unbearable place to be most of the time!

On one particularly hot day, as I was bemoaning this fact, Rob suggested to me that I bring some craft down into the air-conditioned kitchen/lounge/dining room.  My first instinct was NO! I haven't packed up supplies to scrap away from home for ages, and even when I have friends over, I seem to spend more time going backwards and forwards to the craft room for more supplies than I do creating!

The idea took hold, however, and not too much later I had my light-bulb moment, "hang on! I'm scrapping from a kit these days! How hard can it be?"

So  I braved the heat long enough to collect my Counterfeit Kit (conveniently stored in a pizza box), adhesive, trimmer, and some photos.  I chucked in some washi tape and the rest of my scrap cardstock backgrounds, and took myself back into the air-conditioning.

Those of you who scrap on the dining room table (or remember back to when you once did) know you only have a finite amount of time before you've got to pack up tools and feed the hoards.  But in that time, I managed to get this page to the point where I wanted to add some mist and a title on the Silhouette:

Because I was working so close to the kitchen, it was perhaps inevitable that my mind turned to challenge #2 at the Counterfeit Kit Blog challenge, to use cookie cutters in some way.  I pretty quickly decided to use the smallest of a set of nested star cutters as a stamp - the sort of cutter that's so small it would take a million years to make a whole batch that size . . . not worth the effort with a teenage boy in the house!

Once again, you could say that this page came "all from my kit" as long as you allow that I've already "added" the scrap background and the washi tape to my kit, and that I've just added a piece of blue paper (from Echo Park: For the Record 2: Documented) to the kit.
The blue paper and woodgrain washi are significant because Angus is currently a brown tip, which in Shi Gan taekwondo is a blue belt with a brown band.  And of course he is breaking a board, hence the woodgrain again.

Almost as exciting as Angus breaking a board, (on the first try!) is that I managed to capture the moment on my phone camera! Applause all round!
My verdict on away-from-the-craftroom-scrapping?
Thanks to my Counterfeit Kit, I'll be quicker to think of it when the next heat wave hits.  In fact, maybe I could venture away from home again . . . craft date, anyone?


  1. Fabulous layouts!! I totally remember the days of scrapping on my kitchen table! I'm so glad I have a craft room now so that I can close the door on my mess!

  2. Love all the woodgrain and how you used the cookie cutters!!! I'm with you on reluctant to move back to the table. I make lots of trips back and forth when scrapping that way!!! I always look forward to your sense of humor shining through in your posts :)