Sunday, July 14, 2013

What I did with my holiday kit

I'm home from 5 nights away, and happy to say that Flightdeck 301 was fabulous - both the apartment and the Counterfeit Kit of the same name!

I completed 6 pages, and made a start on 2 more.

How did I manage it?  Well, first off, I constructed my Counterfeit Kit a bit differently this time.  After choosing some papers based on the inspiration kit, my second step was to then choose some photos I wanted to scrap with them.

 After adding more papers and cardstock as needed, it was only then that I chose/made embellishments, based on the photos . . . heart speech bubbles to go with a page about meeting my new niece, gears for a page about the Wallace and Gromit "World of Invention" exhibition, sequins for the belly dancing party, etc etc. 

Next up, I was pretty generous with what I packed - like extra cardstock and plenty of stamps and ink.  I was very happy that I packed my little box of small scraps, as well as my 1 inch circle punch and dome stickers for custom DIY "flair".

And finally, every time I felt stuck and tempted to put a page aside, I tried to improvise using what I had.  When I bemoaned the fact that I didn't have any mist to soften the plainness of cardstock, I came back in with some stamping.
When the colour of something wasn't quite right, I adjusted the shade with ink.
And when I didn't have a circle cutter I (gasp!) cut the circles by hand!

(And  scrapbooking on the dining table of an evening in front of the TV sure helped my productivity, too!)

Silhouette owners, did you notice that lovely "wonky circle" cut file that I used on two of these pages?  You can download it for free here!


  1. The girl did good - fab pages and thanks for the download :)

  2. Oh my goodness - this is amazing - I think you have hit on a new formula for at home scrapping, too! These pages are FAB

  3. brilliant way to pull your kit together, and you had a very productive time away with your travel kit. Those layouts are super and so precious. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. ah, outstanding! I created mine knowing I was gonna use all beachy pics-I think your way is better though! I will have to try scrapping at the table while watching a show tomorrow to see if I can knock out 5!

  5. You were busy, busy! I hope you had a lovely time away. I like your swimming carnival layout the best. And those wonky circles are GREAT!

  6. Great job matching your kit to your needs! You have been so productive!