Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Counterfeit Kit

When a family that's lived in the same house for well over 15 years suddenly starts attacking their neglected front yard, de-cluttering like crazy and spending hundreds of dollars on paint, what does it usually mean?
That's right, it probably means they're getting their house ready to sell up and move on.
In our case, the move is not yet a 100% certainty, but we're going with the probability and getting a few things done around the house that we'll be happy to have done even if we stay.

Throw out a few bins worth of rubbish?  Absolutely!

Donate boxes of old children's books to a good cause?  You bet!

Paint the last few rooms that need painting?  Sure!

Tidy up the front yard?  Why not!

Repaint the exterior?  {Sigh} Well, it sure does need doing!

So at first thought I didn't have time to play along with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge over the next month or so . . . until I remembered a certain box of goodies that came in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  Scrapbooking goodies, you're thinking?  That's right, but not just any scrapbooking goodies, but a personalised "counterfeit kit from ex-forger herself, Jennifer Grace that I won from her Onwards and Upward event just a little while ago!

So I'm hoping that between painting and gardening over the next month or so I'll find a bit of time to play with my August kit . . .

From England with Love. . .


  1. Well done you for finding the time, great kit and good luck with the painting!

  2. Timing is everything! Nice improvising to get here to play, but I don't envy you all that action going on with the house. Keep us posted!

  3. Beautiful kit! I know how hard it can be to find time to be creative when you are preparing for a move (been there, done that) but hopefully you'll be able to get a layout or two done. With a kit like that, it's hard NOT to be inspired :)

  4. Oh how nice to have your prize arrive just when you could use it. Good luck on the move, or on the enjoyment of staying, whichever it may be.

  5. Serendipitous! Perfect timing to come play along this month. Good luck with all of your home improvement jobs!