Monday, November 4, 2013

The page that took me most of the month . . . and the one with the grid.

 You might have read in my last post about how we'd had an offer accepted on a house and that we were madly packing . . . or you might have read that same post later in the month where I updated it to say that the sale had fallen through. {Massively big sigh}.

So, while the packing is on hold for the time being, I'm no less busy, as we're still preparing our house for sale . . . painting, repairing the deck, gardening, more painting . . . you get the idea. Oh yes, and back to the round of Saturday morning open houses, of course.

So first up, the page that took me most of the month to put together . . .

I've packed the folder with all my photo proofs in it, so I'll have to add the date in later . . .

Then, because I wanted to feel at least a little bit a part of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, I decided to take on Challenge #3, to use a grid.

I like this type of page for when I want to put something  together pretty quickly. As a bonus, it only requires one full sheet of paper (which I cut the middle out of) and the rest can be 6" pages or off-cuts.

Still plenty left in my kit to see me through the next month or so . . .


  1. So sorry about the house :~( Been there, done that, NOT fun.
    So glad you can carve a little piece of me time in to join us over here! Lovely pages with such sweet details!

  2. there will be a light at the end of the tunnel so just keep least crafting with your CKCB kit will keep some of the stress levels down I hope! Great job on the grids-they are one of my fav techniques!

  3. awwww adorable!! great job.

  4. Hope your house sells soon.I love your grid pattern layout. IT was worth the effort of doing it.

  5. Boo hoo on the sale, but hopefully a better offer will come through. Very clever on that second layout; I love having a fallback design to go to for a quick layout. The first layout is just precious.