Sunday, April 6, 2014

What's been going on around here in (and out of) the craft room . . .

{SIGH} April already, and I still feel like I never make it into the craft room! The room itself is looking better,compared to back here . . .

. . . but the claustrophobic feel of the area, not to mention the weirdness of going in there anytime Angus is home, is not conducive to creativity.  Happily, plans are in motion to rearrange the dining room and give me a new and bigger desk along one wall in there.  If only we had an Ikea just down the road instead of at the other end of the F3, I'd have it already!

In the meantime, I have been loving the "blackboard" labels I made for my Counterfeit Kit "Love in a Moving Box . . . with a Ribbon Round it:.

I've made some sympathy cards:

this page here about the Eastern Rosellas that would nest in the bird house in the tree behind our old house:

and another holiday page, with a "traditional: page combined with a divided page protector:

 Other than that, I don't seem to have had it in me to complete a project.  I did take a few off-cuts that I couldn't imagine ever using as is . . .

. . . and washing over them with watered down gesso.  I'm hoping sometime down the track they'll take on a new life as backgrounds.

Last but not least, I distracted myself a bit more than I should have yesterday, by cutting out some lovely new shapes on my Silhouette . . .

Butterflies, doilies, leaves . . . all in vellum and the thin white cardstock you sometimes get when you buy a pack of page protectors. Hopefully you'll see some of them on a finished project soon!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to catch up with you soon . . .


  1. Well you are managing to do a bit of crafting even if the conditions are not ideal. I hope you get your space squared away soon. Loving those bits cut with the Silhouette - pretty.

  2. I hope it gets pulled together for you soon, don't know what it would be like not to feel comfortable in my space. Love the creations you made :) and I have a few of those silhouette files I think I should be playing a bit this week to get some cuts for spring too. Thanks for sharing your inspiration :)

  3. Ah bless hun rearranging craft space is never easy (I started a house deep clean last month - bad idea is all I can say).

  4. Those silhouette shapes are lovely. My craft room is still in the state yours was at the beginning of the year. i'm still crafting on th eliding room floor!

  5. Very productive despite the lack of creative space - love the pages of the sealife centre.

  6. I understand rearranging the craft space....I need the same! Love your layouts!

  7. Creative spaces need time to evolve, so take it slowly and try to enjoy the process - rather than expecting it to look like the craft studios in magazines! (We hold ourselves to such high standards!)

    It looks as though you are managing some quality crafting anyway - I especially love the mixed media type backgrounds that you've created x

  8. wow, you have certainly been busy! Love your sympathy cards