Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tasmania album update

Time for another update on my Tasmania album.  I've gone through and created all the title cards and journaling cards for the pocketed pages.  First I went through and did the ones that will face a traditional page, so that the papers and die cuts matched.
 All the title cards are cut on my Silhouette and backed with cardstock or some of the more solid patterned papers left over from the traditional pages.

Then I went back and did the rest.  At this point I figured it was time to focus on using my manufacturer strips and other thin strips and smaller pieces.  After all, if I can't use them on a project like this, what's the point in keeping them?

If you've visited an earlier post about my Tasmania album, you might remember that each "traditional" page contained the same elements for continuity: a little bit of the striped paper, tickets, cameras, white fronds and cardstock "sequins".  I decided that putting all of those elements onto a 4x6 card along with journaling or a title would be way too much, so each card has one or more of those elements, but not all of them.

I've also finished the titles on my traditional pages.  For some I used the letters cut out of the title cards,

 some I've cut out in black (same font and size),

 and others I decided don't need a title at all.

What's left? Title page and journaling. Yikes!  I don't normally leave journaling until last (especially on such a big project) so let's hope I'll see it through!


  1. What a fabulous album, the CAS design with the bright colours and patterns totally appeal to me!

  2. This is so beautiful! It will be a family treasure with the stories down :D
    Great idea to use up those strips & have a coherent plan for the entire album.

  3. I like your cut title with the blue from behind. It really pops on the kraft.