Wednesday, February 1, 2017

100 page spending freeze - January progress.

For a while there it looked like I was only going to get 2 pages made this month, and at a page a fortnight, to make 100 pages it would take . . . yikes! 4 YEARS!?!?!

Luckily my progress did speed up at the end of the month and I have three more pages to show you, all using my "expanded" version of Cocoa Vanilla Free Spirit . . . 

The journaling for this page will tell the story about how our friends offered to look after Tibbets (our rabbit) for us while we were away.  Their youngest was very shy and wouldn't talk to us at all . . . and then unexpectedly fell asleep on the floor in the middle of the action!

Back to the photos taken on the weekend of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary . . .

One last project to bring my total up to 6 . . .

With my seldom-used Silhouette pens, I made a set of labels for my home-made kombucha.  I made 3 for each flavour, and I've numbered them to help us drink the oldest ones first (and in the hopes that my children will manage to finish one bottle before they start on the next one, but we'll see!)

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  1. Your layouts are gorgeous! And I like your kawbucha labels-my husband makes his own too. I wanted to let you know that you have been an inspiration to me. I have lots of wonderful scrappy supplies-and seem to buy stuff faster than I can make stuff. So I am not going to buy anything until after 25 pages and go from there. (100 would stress me out-so I admire you greatly!) So thank you! :)