Monday, May 15, 2017

A couple of videos and some exciting news

So it's been pretty quiet around here in blog-land.  In real life, it's been a lot busier!  We had a week away in Melbourne, plus visiting relatives on the way.  I'd barely recovered from that before I had a couple of weeks full time work, with a birthday party in the middle and a Eurovision party this weekend just gone.  Of course I got a pretty bad head cold in the middle there, but soldiered on!  I managed to get Rohan and Maddy to voice-over a video for me which I haven't yet shared here.  If you haven't yet watched it yet, you should - it's absolutely HILARIOUS!!! (at least I hope you'll think so, I sometimes wonder how the Australian sense of humour translates to the northern hemisphere)

But wait, that's not my exciting news.  Drumroll, please . . . .

The kids actually allude to it in the video above, incorrectly stating that I have joined the DT for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  Well, that would have been awesome too, but in fact . . .

. . . that's right! I've joined the Crafty Maven Getaway Summer team!!! (Winter here, but that's OK! lol)
and I may have accidentally chosen a date earlier than was wise my first video . . . but it's done!  Croaky voice and all!

For my first video I chose to do "Stash It Monday", where, you guessed it, you make a page from products deep within your stash.  Actually, there are no rules about how deep within your stash you have to go, but boy, I dived in deep! Coloured brads, knitting wool and  DIY flair from a counterfeit kit that would have easily been 2 years old! Basic Grey monograms that were a freebie when a store was getting rid of sharing some older stock with purchases. None of those papers were exactly purchased yesterday either!  

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