Saturday, February 12, 2011

Only buy it to use it . . .

Here is my take on this week's colour Q challenge.  I made it for my beautiful neighbour's 94th birthday. I struggled again to find the closest colours to the challenge (in this case 3 paleish pinks) but I love the result!  My daughter used to be into pink in a big way, until suddenly last year she switched to purple.  So it is nice to use a bit of pink every now and again!

My latest words of wisdom to myself:
"Don't buy it unless you are about to use it".
For me this means things like:
  • don't buy it just because it's pretty (or cool or funky or whatever)
  • don't buy it just because it fills a gap in the stash
  • don't buy it just because you liked how someone used in a magazine
  • don't buy it for something you hope to get around to, maybe, sometime, when you find the time, in the future . . . 
  • don't buy it just because it's on special.
None of these reasons are innately bad (especially the last one!) but they are only justifiable if there is a specific reason to buy that paper/stamp/ribbon/whatever, and the project is ready to go right away.


  1. So sweet, so pretty, thanks for sharing!

  2. So pretty, I love that flourish. What a sweet gesture for your neighbour. Thanks for playing along with ColourQ this week. :)

  3. What a sweet card for your neighbor, Julie! thanks for playing the ColourQ challenge this week.