Friday, February 4, 2011

One hot week

We're having a heat wave in Newcastle this week, which also happens to be the first week of school.  My oldest son has started high school this year, so it's been a big, exhausting week, all round.  There's something about a bit of stress that brings the scrapbooker out in me.  When I get time (and this week, once I've got the hottest jobs out of the way and then a shower) I retreat my craft room, and to those photos which make me feel like I do really love my children and they do actually get on with each other!
On Wednesday night my daughter fell and hurt her arm.  I was concerned enough the next morning to take her to the emergency room to get it x-rayed.  Luckily her arm is fine, just a bit twisted and swollen, but it brought back very strong memories of the time 2 and a half years ago that she did break her arm, bending it quite freakishly. So what did I do that afternoon? Go home and scrapbook the memory!  The photos I took are a bit confronting if they jump out at you unexpectedly, but I wanted to include them - especially the one where she is smiling for the camera in spite of the pain and her emu-shaped arm.  I solved the problem by tucking them into a pocket behind the patterned paper, making the hero photo of the cast, covered in signatures.  Here it is, finished bar the journalling, which will also be tucked in behind.
 I also did a this page, based on on sketch 239 from scrapbook challenges .  I often seem to end up lining a bunch of portrait-oriented photos across the page, so this was just the twist I needed to do this page on the cheeky side of my daughter's personality.

P.S. cropping the heart-shaped photos meant that I could include my favourite expression without the distraction of her brother in the background!

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