Saturday, June 4, 2011

Embrace the Simplicity

The other day my beautiful friend Sheryl came over to scrapbook.  Fun, joy, fun!  A great time to catch up, recharge the creative battery and get inspired.  She lent me her copy of "clean & simple scrapbooking/the sequel" by Cathy Zielske.  I love, love, love this book! I so get her take on scrapbooking, " . . .at it's core, this hobby is very simple. Take a photo. Tell a story. Save a memory."  I love how she uses beautiful photos and well-told (often funny) stories and they just don't need that much embellishing. 
The funny thing was that I kept thinking "why isn't there a story later than 2005?"  And then I realised that the book itself is five years old.  But it hasn't dated the way my 5 year old scrapbooking magazines have.  And that's another good thing about her simple philosophy.  It's timeless.  Instead of thinking "that page is sooo 2005", you just think, that's a great page.  Great photos.  Great journalling.  End of story.
I can see a whole list of challenges-for-self coming out of this book
  Here's a page I worked on in my scrapbooking date with Sheryl.  My favourite bit of this page (which is probably a bit hard to see in this photo) is the tiny birds stamped in the top right hand corner.  They echo the journalling (also a bit hard to see here) which says:
Walk along with Mum and Dad
No place I'd rather be
Feels like flying through the air
One . . .Two . .

P.S. My friend Sheryl makes beautiful pages too!

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