Saturday, June 18, 2011

a new mantra, "Story first"

The page to the right sat, finished to this stage, in my "work in progress" file for quite a few months.  I had been soooo looking forward to scrapping these gorgeous photos of my daughter playing on the beach, and I absolutely loved this colour combination.  The problem, (as you'll see by the finished page) was not the large amount of white space, but rather the lack of a story to go with it.  This page is, I hope, the last one that I will scrap purely for the sake of scrapping a pretty picture. This page (as well as reading the Simple Scrapbooking book I mentioned in an earlier post) cemented in me the realization that for me, the story always has to come first (pretty pictures always a bonus though!)  I ended up journalling about the simple joy of playing in the sand, which has always been so important to our family.  Love that we live so close to beautiful Newcastle beaches!  Story told, lesson learnt.
The finished page.

This page is also significant in that it is the 52nd page I have completed since I started counting for my "spend less, craft more" challenge.
One of my goals was to complete at least 52 pages, an average of one a week.  Not that I plan on stopping!  Another of my goals is to "do something creative every week" and scrapping is certainly my number one creative outlet at the moment.

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