Saturday, August 27, 2011

7 photos on one page with an accordian album.

Yesterday,  I put this page together using a technique I found at 2 peas in a bucket, in one of their free video tutorials,

July's 4x6 photo love by Shimelle
Now I know what you're thinking, if you've been reading my blog.  Didn't I bag these videos only a couple of weeks ago as being full of advertising?  Well yes I did.  It was kind of like going camping for a long time and not watching any TV, and then suddenly watching TV again and being overwhelmed by the ads.Then, in a surprisingly short amount of time, you hardly notice them anymore.  Now I tend to just ignore the fact that they are using beautiful new products and try to focus on the techniques they are demonstrating.  And sometimes I have a little giggle, like when they say things like, "I tend to use as many stickers as I want on the one page and then throw the rest away".  Easy to say when you are being paid to advertise products, but some of the rest of us have to keep more of an eye on the bottom dollar.
 Anyway, back to the page.  the 4x6 photo love series has a video each month, each one focusing on a different number of 4x6 photos on a page.  January had one photo, February two, and so on which brings us to seven photos in July.
When I saw this technique demonstrated, I thought it would be great for those kinds of photos you take, you know the ones, that aren't that great, but they still make up an important family memory.  these photos definitely fall into that category.  They come from a trip to Jenolan Caves two years ago, a spectacular series of limestone caves.  You know that your photos aren't going to look anywhere near as good as the real thing, but you can't hep but take lots of photos anyway!  And that's what I journalled l about, as emphasized in my subtitle, pictures can't do it justice..
In terms of product, the accordion album uses 2 sheets of 12" cardstock, as in 2 strips slightly bigger than a 6" photo, then a mat for the photo on the right.  To minimize waste, I used the same cardstock to make the two strips with my border punch. Other than that, the patterned paper is offcuts of two different double-sided papers that I bought at the end of last year.  Then the title is sizzixed with a scrap of shiny cardstock and a corner flourish stamp.  Plus the subtitle used my brand new tiny alpha stamps! How cool is that! 


  1. cool work!!I love your blog background,cool!!

  2. great technique to use a lot of photos on a single layout! I will remember this for future use! TFS!