Monday, August 6, 2012

July Counterfeit Kit Wrap-up

Here's what's left of the papers from my Counterfeit Kit after 7 pages and 5 cards: First up, the Hello Summer papers (and the one on the left is the Basic Grey offcut). 

And here's the This & That papers:

These photos were taken before I made the butterfly card in my last post, which uses that middle pink paper as it's background.
I started just playing around with the larger sheets, until I came up with something that looked a little bit like this:

The only cutting I did to get to this "starting point" was to trim a row of flash cards off the other side of that teal damask paper.  At this point nothing was adhered to anything in any way - I wasn't going to commit any further until I looked for a photo/photos to match.
And I found one!  This photo was taken quite a few Christmases back at my sister-in-law's.  The papers perfectly matched Maddy's shirt and Ariel's tail!

My aim with finishing this page was to see what else I could use from the kit, without just gratuitously adding product.   (The little banners and the "You Make Me Happy", if you're trying to play Eye-Spy, I think are from another, shorter offcut of that border strip paper that I found after I took the photos.  Similarly, most of the thin strips of paper in my clusters are actually from the branding strips, which didn't make it into the photos either)
An aside: The first paper flowers I ever bought were three packets of white ones in different sizes.  (I'm not sure if they hadn't started packaging them in multi-sized packs back then?)  My reasoning was that I could just re-colour them to suit my projects, and I would never need to buy another colour!  My first attempt, using an ink-pad, was NOT a success.  Needless to say, I have since bought flowers in many other colours, and have been gradually using white flowers untouched ever since.  I'm happy to report success, FINALLY with my home-mixed mini-mister on the flowers on this page!

I'm going to call my July Kit finished . . . thanks for sharing the journey with me this month, it's been fun!


  1. Love how you used up that kit! fantastic!

  2. Gorgeous layout, I love that banner!!!! You really used up that kit! Way to go!!!!

  3. Just posted what I thought was my last, but
    I really love what you did with the "leavings", so now I may resurrect what is left for one last hurrah! You have inspired me :~)

  4. EXCELLENT! I am very proud of you for shopping your kit. :) What a fun way to do a layout!


  5. Nice balance on lo. Extra points for achieving this with the tail ends and NOT adding a bit more from the stash.

  6. Love that you finished your kit off!! I know how good it feels!! Your layout today is lovely!!!

  7. Thanks for the inspiration! I trolled the bottom of the magic blue box & voila!

  8. Thanks for the inspiration! I trolled the bottom of the magic blue box & voila!

  9. Thanks for the inspiration! I trolled the bottom of the magic blue box & voila!

  10. What a great page from the leftover scraps. And you are right, it is a fine line when to stop so that you aren't just adding to add - because it is fun to use it all up! I look forward to your August kit.