Saturday, August 25, 2012

two projects for the price of one

I was ready to get back into some double page layouts last week, so I headed over to my favourite place for 2-page sketches, Lets Scrap.  I was immediately distracted, however, by the sketch of the week, which was a card sketch:

So, as you do, I set off to make a Scrapbook page out of it.  Not that I didn't love the idea of the hexagons, but once I'd chosen my photos I wanted to use, I swapped them for some gears.


Now, there's something about the Counterfeit Kit Challenge that has brought out of me my natural tendency to be very . . . shall we say conservative with my supplies.  Something about getting the most out of my kit, I think.  So before I finished this page I had not only cut out some of the patterned paper behind where the photos are placed . . .

. . .but I also cut the title out of  the block of black cardstock that I mounted the photos on!

This proved quite serendipitous because I had not long finished the page before the Counterfeit Kit blog announced a "2 for 1" challenge, the idea being to make a scrapbook page and then a card using the same supplies and layout ideas.

I actually forgot about the yellow washi tape when I made the card, but even so, I'm happy with my fun boy page and the boy card it inspired:

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Brilliant to use cut-outs to make the card. Extra bonus points for you on this challenge.