Thursday, December 6, 2012

November Counterfeit Kit Wrap-Up

For my November Counterfeit Kit, "Purple People Eater", I knew I had put in way too much cardstock and added way too many other bits and pieces along the way to ever get to the point of finished to the last scrap, so how was I going to decide when enough was enough?

First up, I skimmed through some albums, looking for photos that might go with anything left in the kit. 
 For each set of photos, I matched them with something from the kit.  From this point, I pulled one or more pieces, without worrying if anything was from the kit or the stash, full sheets or off-cuts.   These "page starter kits" were put into my work-in-progress folder to be completed at my leisure.

I've completed two of those pages so far, this one of my kids with their little cousins from about three years ago . . .

and yet another Christmas page, this one from two years ago. 

Next up I made three cards, including the two I blogged about in my last post, and another I didn't have time to photograph, using a 3-D flower I made using my Silhouette.

Was I finished yet?  I still didn't think so. 

I decided to choose just a few papers that I really wanted to try and use . . .

That's not too big an ask, is it?  Just four papers, especially the green velvet one.  And could I get just one or two more uses out of the BG letter stickers?  How about another sheet or two of cardstock before I put them away?

As I'm sure you know, inspiration can come in the funniest ways.  We have a room in our house which we optimistically call our "upstairs lounge-room" but generally use as more of a dumping ground than anything remotely lounge-ish.  That is, until we have overnight guests and there's the mad scramble to unearth the futon lounge so they have somewhere to sleep. 

As I was dusting the mantle-piece, the thought of those papers must have been rattling around in my sub-conscious, because I came across these two photos:

One of Robert from the early days, wearing his favourite bright shirt of the time, and another of Maddy as a baby.

Can you see them?  Two of the papers, plus deep purple cardstock background, plus letter stickers.  I had fun splashing paint around, and then stitching over the top, to mimic the pattern on the shirt, as well as using the negative from one of the stars on that Christmas page I just showed you.

When it came to do this page, I knew I was going to be able to use, not just the last two papers I really wanted to use from the kit (plus cardstock and letter stickers, YAY), but the baby girl definitions paper, still sitting in the "lose it or use it" pile,  and some other fun goodies besides! 

Surely I can call the kit finished now?  And I would have, too, except that it took me so long to finish this post that a batch of photos turned up in the mail today . . . another page starter kit or two, perhaps?

These photos are from this year's Christmas card shoot.  The good thing about this page kit is that it contains the last full sheet of patterned paper from the kit, as well as a few other bits and pieces and a sheet of eggshell cardstock.

This page is going to be pure fun.  The "Just add sugar" clothing label has been hanging on my cork board just waiting for a page like this.  I definitely don't be finishing this one until I get my new Silhouette blade, as I'll want to cut a birdcage or two for sure!

How did you go last month?  And what projects are you up to this busy month?  I can't wait to find out!

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  1. Well, I do admire your stick-to-it-tive-ness!! You've ended up with some great finished projects in the process. Well crafted!