Thursday, December 20, 2012

Struggling through a creative block

Earlier this month, I went through my boxes of fabric and half-finished sewing projects.  I managed to do a bit of culling, but still ended up with ten lengths of fabric and a similar number of started projects I wasn't willing to part with.  I found that knowledge quite overwhelming, and I think it's been a contributing factor to my creative block of late. 

One project I did manage to finish was Maddy's mini wall quilt.  Earlier this year we went to an art exhibition by a fabulous textile artist, Olivia Parsonage .  We loved her work and decided to make our own version, using the fabric scraps we had on hand.

Maddy drew the picture and chose the fabrics, and I did the sewing.  Don't you love his cute pink tongue and waggy tail?

This was an easy project to finish, given that it's been finished for months, all except the binding around the edges.  One project down!

The next project proved a bit tougher.  Two of the lengths of fabric were denim with an embroidered edge.  One for me and one for Maddy.  I'm not exactly sure how long ago I bought them, except that I had planned to make a pinafore with Maddy's.  Needless to say, I modified that plan and made her a skirt!
Once a confident dressmaker, I've lost my sewing confidence.  It took me about two weeks to get up the confidence to put in the zipper!  But it's finished at last, and Maddy seems happy enough to wear it (that's it in the photo above).

So I'm left pondering how to complete some more of these projects without suffering further creative block. Any suggestions?

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