Saturday, March 2, 2013

Her love language is "craft with Mum"

There's a certain girl in this house whose Love Language* is "quality time", and her particular dialect is "craft with Mum".

So back in January, I helped her to start on a bit of a craft project that she could work on while I was doing my own crafts.  Problem is, she takes after her grandmother (oh alright, and her mother) in that she wants to jump straight in at the deep end at the hardest project rather than starting at the beginning with an easy one!

She decided to design and make an "alien dog" stuffed toy.  It ended up being a joint project, with me doing the machine sewing and her doing the stuffing, making the tail and doing the hand sewing.

After two months, he's finished, and here he is:

And to give you a sense of scale, here he is with an actual dog:

Well done Maddy, but maybe we'll start with an easier project next time!

* from the "Five Love Languages" series of books by Gary Chapman

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