Friday, March 1, 2013

February Fabric Stashbusting

Wow! I'm really demonstrating my fabulous sewing skills so far this year.  Last month I made . . . a blanket, and this month . . . a pillow case!

Well, it's a dog bed, of course, but in terms of construction, it's a big pillow case stuffed with a few layers of an old mattress Robert was pulling apart (don't ask!)

This project counts as #2 of my goal to make a minimum of 6 projects from my stash, and also meets the suggested Stashbusting Sewalong challenge to "make something for someone that you love!" 

I didn't manage to complete my personal goal of completing one of the specific projects on my list, although I did do a burst of sewing yesterday and I now have a half-finished dress.  It's sleeveless, and today the weather has announced "Yes it is autumn now" with a windy, wet miserable day, so I'm suddenly a bit less motivated for that particular project!

1 comment:

  1. Hamish looks like he loves his new bed! Way to accomplish part of your goals.