Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finally starting on my June Counterfeit Kit.

So . . . what's been happening around here lately?  Some working, some sickness, some sewing . . . some more working, some more sickness . . . even the odd load of washing or two!  But finally I've made it into my craft room to play with my Counterfeit Kit!

Way, way back (or that's how it feels!) after I first made my Kit up, I decided to pull out some photos and keep matching photos to papers and cardstock until I'd allocated every sheet in the kit . . .

If I manage to get all those pages done, that would be 7 singles and 2 double page layouts.  . . . and I'll probably be adding a lot more product!  So that's the papers sorted, but my die-cuts don't match so well (note to self: when creating next month's kit: choose papers, then photos, then embellishments!)

OK, enough chattering, where are the pages already?!

A couple of pages for the neglected middle child, perhaps?

One covering the last day of school last year, when he said goodbye (at least in terms of sharing a classroom with them) to some of his best school friends, who have headed off to high school this year.

And one with photos from this year's swimming carnival.  We're not a very sporty family, and neither do we think leadership is one of our greatest qualities, so we were both surprised and delighted that Angus was voted House Captain this year. I love to call him "Captain Angus" at every opportunity.   He loves wearing his badge and, being captain of the red house, that red badge sure does stand out on his uniform!

June was the first kit in a few months that I didn't include DIY "flair" and "dimensional dots", so you can guess what I reached for on both pages, can't you!  Other additions to the kit include thin paper strips and extra washi on the first one, and 6" papers and red diecuts left over from another kit on the second one.

Also some new stamps from a recent spend.  True story: I was a bit annoyed that I hadn't thought to put my stamping on the "Hello holidays" page before I adhered my photos to the page, as there was a bit of a gap where the stamps didn't reach.  I figured I'd make it OK with layering and washi tape.  When I came back later, I realised, OH! the photos actually weren't adhered to the page at all! Ooops! Oh well, like I said, layering and washi tape!

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  1. I love the hexagon stamp and thought that you intentionally 'kissed' the stamp to give it a distressed look. But layering and washi tape fix everything!