Monday, June 17, 2013

In which my Denim Needle gets a Good Workout.

Well, it's been a while since I've written about any fabric stash-busting. Perhaps I've bitten off more than I can chew this year?
But at last I have something to share with you!

See that embroidered denim on the right?  It's no longer a length of fabric but a skirt!

Of course, the path couldn't be all smooth running . . . I couldn't find anything suitable in my (vast) button stash, so put this one aside for a while . . . ironically, when I finally made it to Spotlight I still couldn't find a button that  I loved, so decided to buy 2 jars of button mixes and use all different buttons . . . cheaper than anything else  I vaguely liked, but possibly could have used what I owned after all . . . oh boy, now my button stash is even bigger! 

But one "very easy" wrap-around skirt doesn't make a "good workout", does it?  While I had the machine out, I also hemmed a couple of new pairs of jeans . . . and . . .
. . . deep breath . . .
Now for confession time!  The fabric stash I never told you about! About four years ago I purchased a book on various methods of re-purposing old jeans.  I bought a bunch of old jeans at various second hand shops and sewed like crazy, mainly bags, and several ended up as Christmas presents.  But then the rest of the jeans sat in one of those under-bed storage boxes for the next four years or so.
So I figured while I was in the denim-sewing frame of mind, I might as well try and reclaim that storage box, ('cause, boy, I sure could use it!)
So I sewed up a couple of heat packs from the legs of one pair of jeans . . .

(photo coming soon)

. . . and finished off this gored skirt I started all those 4 years ago . . .

That's four pairs of jeans sacrificed for this skirt!

With what was left in the box, I've bagged the remaining intact jeans up to be re-donated, and selected a few of the bigger pieces to be put aside for a couple more heat packs and another project I've got in mind. . .

Hooray! Two new skirts and I've got a whole storage box to use under my bed!

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