Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Daddy-daughter dancing and giant Jenga

I'm the sort of person that gets my photos printed in bulk.  

And I'm also the sort of person who puts off doing tasks like getting the photos processed ready for printing.

So I tend to wait until I'm in the position of being desperate for a fresh batch of photos before I tackle the task.  A task I plan on starting later on today. . . If I find the time . . .  Hopefully. . . By the weekend at the latest . . .

So you can imagine how pleased I was when a lovely little packet of photos arrived in the mail from my nephew's wedding back in November. Here's two single pages I was able to complete without wanting to add any photos of my own (sorry, no photos of the bride and her beautiful dress just yet!)

I love, love, love this photo of Robert and Maddy dancing together at the reception, especially her expression as she's looking up at her Daddy!

 The wedding was held on an amazing farm owned by the bride's family  There was a lovely relaxed time between the wedding and reception where nibbles and drinks were provided, and a whole bunch of different outdoor games were set up in the rows between the grape vines in the vineyard.  The skittles didn't do so well on the uneven ground, but the oversized Jenga was a big hit with our family! 
I love the expressions captured on the family members in the background on this page as well.

Am I a bit obsessed with the clusters of mixed butterflies at the moment? I'd have to say yes.

And am I worried that the page is a bit blokey for butterflies?  I'd have to say no. Even if I wasn't in one of the pictures, it is at a wedding after all!

The supplies for both these pages are from my two most recent Counterfeit Kits, "Moving Boxes" and "Love in a Box". I've dug into both of them and mixed them up so much that I'm considering just putting them together as one super-kit renamed "Love in a Moving Box".


  1. Beautiful pages! And I agree, what an amazing photo to have of your daughter dancing with her daddy. Lovely expression on her face!

  2. Love both of these layouts they are so fun :) Looks like it was a heck of a party ;)

  3. Beautiful layouts. Love the white cut outs with the flowers. That is some Jenna game!

  4. Your mix of patterns and colors along with those great clusters are just wonderful. Love these pages.

  5. Ha ha ... great counterfeit combining ... similar to what I've done for my March kit!
    I could have written that first paragraph myself ... I have a weekend scrapbook retreat coming up in 2 weeks and I MUST get some photos ready for scrapping ... soon!
    Love your stitching and word placement on page 1 and the butterflies are perfect for page 2 ... what a wonderful way to amuse the wedding guests.