Thursday, February 6, 2014

Doing the "To Do" and Finishing the "Unfinished"

I don't think I'm the only one out there in the craft (or any other) universe who has a perpetual list of things "To Do" and Unfinished Projects in various states of progress that I really do plan on finishing one day . . .

As we were preparing our house for sale (the auction is in 9 days ) we completed many such projects and ticked many things off the "to do" list, some of which had been sitting on it for years and years.

Some projects were so ridiculously quick and easy we wondered why we hadn't bothered earlier.  Some took much more time and money and we knew why we'd put them off, but all of them contributed to the look and/or functionality of the house in some way. 

There's no doubt we wish we'd done those jobs earlier so we could have enjoyed living with them . . .

. . . so I'm determined to do a bit better at this new house.  Here's a couple of little ways I've succeeded so far . .


 Before we decided to move, Maddy and I were planning a bit of a make-over for her bedroom, but by the time her room was painted, the decision had been made, so none of the fun decorations went up.  As she's been the most unsettled by the move, I made it a priority to get some fun touches in her room ASAP!  The triangles for the bunting were already cut out, so I only had to sew them together - I used a whole bunch of bias binding I found in my stash.  The wall stickers were originally purchased for her old room, but have only recently fluttered out of their packaging for the first time!

I'm not going to hazard a guess at how long ago I had the photos for this little grouping printed out, or when between then and now I finally bought the frames, but they never made it onto the wall at the old house!  Now that they're up, it should be an easy matter to update a photo or two any time I like . . .

This next one was inspired by a little something I found on Pinterest (the original blog post can be found here)

I mod podged the book pages onto the canvas sometime last year . . . and for no apparent reason stopped there.  I finished it easily in an afternoon (unlike the original tutorial, I used my Silhouette - the cut file which I manipulated is called I think "bird branch set" from the Silhouette Online Store) and it now has pride of place in the entrance way to our new home!

I can't to wait to finish some more unfinished projects . . . hopefully I'll be back with more soon . . .


  1. Love, love and love. Great bunting, very nice combo of photos, and the birds - beautiful. Glad to see you've been able to put some personal touches on the new house.

  2. A timely post as I contemplate my current "to-do" list ... there are still things on there from 3 months ago and life would feel much less stressful if only I could stop procrastinating with some of them and enjoy the results rather than have them hanging over my head making me feel inadequate.

    Love your projects - the butterflies are beautiful, the frames are brilliant (how did you manage to hang them so perfectly) and I love the canvases. Well done on completing some UFOs

    1. LOL, I wish the oldest things on my to-do list were only 3 months old!

    2. I'm planning on finishing a UFO that I started when I was pregnant with my 4 year old. They were going to be maternity shorts, so know I have to turn them back into regular shorts!

  3. Sometimes it just takes having a deadline to get little chores all caught up around the house. Good luck with the auction sale. You've certainly got been busy with crafts at the new place - they all look great.