Sunday, October 12, 2014

Batch scrapping

Just ducking in quickly to finish a post I started writing back in August  ( . . . yikes!) about the progress I've made on my "Kit of Kits"!  I've got a couple of assignments due in December, and I'm resigned to the fact that we won't be seeing each other a lot until then.  But in the meantime, here's what I've been up to . . . 

Seeing I had made my page kits in bulk, I decided maybe I could do a bit of a production line and make the pages themselves in bulk, too!So I started sticking papers and photos down on a whole batch of pages until I got bored. At this stage, the only thing I'd added other than paper and photos was washi, twine and doilies to a couple of layouts.

My next step was to spread all the pages out and go through some embellishments, choosing die-cuts, buttons, and a bit of ribbon. Next, I looked at the pages one at a time and decided on the title, choosing either stickers or finding cardstock scraps to cut the title from on my Silhouette.  Once I got each page to this stage, they went back into the "work in progress" folder, complete with a sticky note outlining anything I needed to make/add.

The next part of the process was making the Silhouette cuts.  It definitely took the longest, although admittedly I was picking up kids from school and making dinner at the same time, and I'm sure it was more efficient than doing all those pages separately.  The other good thing about doing all my cuts at the same time was that it seemed worth doing a second cut of each element in my new Sihouette chipboard to add some dimension, a step that I'm not sure I could be bothered doing if I was making each page separately.

I finished the evening by running all but the largest diecuts through my Xyron sticker machine.  I think that next time I have a small window of time to scrapbook, I'll be able to finish a page or two pretty quickly!

So that's where I got up to, way back in August.  Here's the three pages I've finished since then, and with all that work done, they certainly were quick to finish!

I cut the title a number of times in different colours for this one, then off-set the layers to get the coloured shadow.  I also enjoyed putting the Easter egg die-cuts on the slide frames!

Tags and butterflies, what could be better? 

I love this page, particularly for the fact that it uses all those cut off strips and die-cuts from my stash.  (and it's easier to see the stamping on the DIY flair in real life!) 

Thanks for dropping by, and hopefully I'll get a chance to play with another page kit or two before December, but in the meantime, happy scrapping!


  1. What a fabulous idea!! I just watched a you tube video this weekend of Katie Scott at, and she did pretty much the same thing. I love how your layouts turned out and I might just have to give this idea a go!

  2. Bulk scrapbooking hmm interesting idea. All your pages look fantastic!

  3. Stacy Julian would call that finish line scrapbooking, and it looks like lots to fun. You finished up some fabulous pages!

  4. Well done on the production style scrapping :) I'll have to consider this tyoe of scrapping. the pages look great

  5. How fun! I think I like the OC one best :D