Sunday, August 17, 2014

The kit you have when you're not having a kit . . .

Well, I don't know how you other Counterfeiters out there go, but the state of my past Counterfeit Kits is a bit of a mess.  Three kits worth of supplies all mixed up together with any other bits and pieces I had pulled out thrown in as well.

Lots of scrappy offcuts!

Plenty of paper - with plain card-stock filed away but extra Basic Grey "Hey Girl" papers included.
Other bits and pieces

  Now obviously part of the reason for that is the busyness of the last 12 months has left less time than usual for craft, and perhaps I was a little over-enthusiastic in kitting up . . . but regardless, something needed to be done! I'm too lazy busy to put it all away, so I came up with a different plan . . .
I decided to see how many "page kits" I could come up with using only (or mainly) the papers I had out.  Maddy soon joined in the fun, and the kits came together suprisingly quickly . . .

I wasn't sure how it would go at this point . . . I mean, I've made page kits before, and I've even done a few at a time before, but my general rule of thumb is to start with the photos first and pick the colours from there.  So my next step was to go through some albums and find some photos to go with each kit. 
The obvious place to store these "page kits" is a "work in progress" folder which I own.  Of late, it's gone from a place that pages move in and out of fairly regularly, to a bit of a lost corner where the end bits of kits and pages I haven't quite finished go to hide.
So while I was in the kitting up zone, I swapped around some of the papers from kits already in the folder, in the hopes of making those pages more appealing . . . 

So what I've got to play with for the next few months is a mammoth "kit of kits", consisting of a whopping 29 page kits and another 10 half-finished pages!


  1. Wow! Fab idea, maybe I'll used this technique instead of tidying my desk this week...

  2. What a great idea to make page kits from your leftover monthly kits. I can't wait to see your finished pages!

  3. Oh I love what you've done with these page kits!

  4. What a great idea, pages all ready to go just waiting for pictures.
    Cindy F.

  5. What a fantastic solution to your kit overload!

  6. That is a brilliant idea Julie - I have a retreat coming up and that would be a great way to reduce my own kit scraps (and so much more fun than tidying up)!

  7. A fantastic idea Julie.And economical too!

  8. This is a great idea- I do something similar, but I go ahead and glue the bits down, so I have a "starting point" type page. For some reason that makes it much more likely for me to actually finish it, I have no idea why . :-)

  9. Very cool idea. There are so many times when just a page kit would get one scrapping again.

  10. Wow that is a cool idea to do with the leftover kits :) I have kept mine that I have not finished in individual month bags saving up for another LOAD month :) But this is a good idea too

  11. This is my dilemma each month - dismantle what's left?
    And indeed I do, but this is a very clever way to avoid that job!
    I only hope this doesn't mean you won't be joining us next month? :(