Thursday, November 12, 2015

The answer is: stickers, circles and wood veneers.

{The question is: what do the first three pages from my November Counterfeit Kit have in common?}

As I mentioned last post, the creation of my Counterfeit kit this month was somewhat inspired by a challenge of Shimelle/Glitter Girl's.

Although my kit is bigger, it made sense to start my first couple of pages in a similar way to hers, which started with a 3-photo layout, followed by a 2-photo page and finishing with a 1-photo page.

Here's my three-photo page . . .

and my two-photo page . . .

Both these pages follow the formula of the original sketch, although I've used border stickers in place of the paper strips that Shimelle used.
This is when I deviated, and  decided to do another photo-heavy layout . . .

Page number four is a single photo page, but doesn't particularly follow Shimelle's formula. I was inspired by the floral paper and the rosette, and wanted to make a feature out of them both.  But it was at this point I hit a problem with the "rules" I had created for my self (to not add any papers to the kit)- I really couldn't bear to cut into my full 12" sheet of that lovely Shimelle polka dot when I knew I had a perfectly adequate 6" sheet of the same paper! Well, I thought to myself, as the crew of the Black Pearl would say, they're really more like "guidelines", and I've saved myself that polka dot to potentially use as a background for another page . . .

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to have a few more pages to share with you soon!


  1. Your kit, your rules, right? Great job on your pages and your embellishment clusters are wonderful!

  2. Awesome creation, and what fabulous photos to make into your memories!

  3. Love how you've mostly kept to your bargain with yourself! Shimelle's formulas are always a winner. I'm happy to see that your limited edition kit is serving you well so far!

  4. Your embellishment clusters are so stinking cute! :)

  5. A fabulous way to approach your kit and the creations you want to make with it - definitely your kit, your rules! And four really super layouts.