Friday, January 14, 2011

Enough is enough!

It's not a new years resolution or anything (those things are doomed to failure!) but this year I am determined to take control of my craft spending habit.  I've also decided to try keeping this blog to hopefully make myself a bit more accountable. Loosely, my goals are:
  • limit spending to $5 per week, or a total of $260 for the year (considering the huge amounts of craft supplies I have loaded up in my room that really should be plenty)
  • and try and create something (scrapbook page, card or whatever) at least weekly
  • to have a smaller stash by the end of the year.
Sadly, before I had come to this decision, I came across a sale at a scrapbooking site. Although technically ordered on 30 December and therefore not this year,in the spirit of the challenge I have decided the spending should be included.  I have therefore spent already $38.38.

Step One, I have decided is:
Focus on what inspires you to create, not on what inspires you to spend.
With this in mind,I have decided to try and spend less time browsing the internet, and have cancelled my Ebay  searches (the ones that send you an email every time something comes up that matches).

On the other side of the coin, I am giving  colourQ a go.  They post a colour scheme each week, and you make a card using that scheme.
I loved this week's bright colours, and the "so tweet" card was a direct reference to the picture on the cute bloomers. The flower card was made using my brand new stamps, (the leaves are actually just petals cut out) and other  than that it's all straight from the stash.


  1. Super cute cards! Thanks for playing with us at the colourQ!

  2. I like that, focus on what inspires you to create, not on what inspires you to spend. that is a really good one...I will try to remember that too. Cute cards. This is a fun color combination isn't it?

  3. Super cute card, good for you on your resolution! thanks for playing the colourQ challenge this week.

  4. Super cute cards with these fun colors! Thanks for joining us at the ColourQ!