Friday, January 28, 2011

How much does your cardstock weigh?

I decided it was time to define my goals a little.  How would I know, beyond keeping track of my spending, whether I had managed to "spend less, craft more"?  I broke the goals down by deciding I would aim to:
  • update this blog regularly
  • do something creative every week
  • complete at least 2 challenges a month
  • complete a scrapbook page a week (single or double)
  • work through my "projects" box with the aim of completing each item or considering getting rid of it.
  • knit my way through my wool stash 
  • make a list of my scrapbooking supplies (by group) and mark each time I use each item
  • be prepared to cull unused items, and 
  • weigh my cardstock, and compare in 12 months.
That's right, you read it correctly, there was no way I was going to count every single piece of cardstock I own, let alone all the scraps I have accumulated, so I decided to weigh all my cardstock, patterned paper and scraps!
weighing the small scraps box
I was quite stunned to discover a that it came to a whopping 21.58kg!  Now admittedly that included some boxes and folders that I keep them in (which I will obviously weigh them in again at the end) but even so, that's something in the vicinity of 20 kilos.  What more evidence do I need that it is time to speed up the creating and slow the spending down.

Today I finished a page based on scrapbooking challenges sketch 234  I continued my vellum theme by creating stars out of vellum and edging them with kindy glitz. quite a nice Christmassy finish. (but beware, if you'd like to try the idea yourself, the kindy glitz made the vellum curl A LOT).  I flattened them under some books once they were dry, then sewed them to the page

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