Saturday, September 8, 2012

September Counterfeit Kit

 Last month, when I put my Counterfeit Kit together I included a lot of off-cuts of various sizes to try and help me overcome that reluctance that sometimes happens when faced with a full sheet of patterned paper.  It certainly did help, but on the other hand, it's made it a lot harder for me to feel that my kit is anything like approaching "finished"!
Add that to the fact that I'm one week in to three weeks of work, and I've decided not to make a new kit this month.  But that doesn't mean I'm not going to play along at all! I've decided to continue on with last month's kit, with a small "add-on" kit to keep it fresh!  I've pretty much ignored the papers in the inspiration kit, for obvious reason, but I have taken some cues from the included embellishments.  So let's take a look . . .

 Like I said, still plenty of off-cuts to use!

I've already got the last full sheet of paper ear-marked for a project, (the pink and orange on the left) so I did add 4 new full sheets of paper.  The kit has some brown puffy letter stickers, so I thought I'd throw in this sheet of stickers in and see if I could make a title or two out of it . . .

 Here's how the embellishments from the original kit are looking - still pretty much the same .  . .

. . . inspired by those cute little hanger embellishments, I've added some craft wire and crystal beads . . .

The canvas, trim and banner pieces (on the left) are not so much new additions to the kit as forgotten pieces pulled to the top of the stack, again inspired by the original kit. 

I'm continuing with the CK +CCC  and once again giving myself free reign on my cardstock stash, and taking this cue to add some vellum into the layering mix as well.

So that's what I'll be trying to be working with this month, wish me luck and we'll see how much I get done!

P.S. If you're visiting from the Counterfeit Kit blog, I haven't linked all my pages from last month up, so feel free to scroll back through and have a browse!

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  1. Julie! I absolutely adore your kit - and the idea of making an add-on to with with a previously unfinished kit is such a fabulous idea.

    I don't know if you like mini-albums, but one way I like to use my off-cuts is to make a kit (by sizing and shaping all the bits) and then I use all the little leftovers on cards. I've some examples of previous CKCs done that way on my blog if it might be an option! x

  2. By the way, I am absolutely in love with all of the little beads you have in your kit this month *swoon*

  3. Great job digging into the scraps! That is something I need to do more often :) Looking forward to seeing what you do with the wire and beads!

  4. Great idea to keep going and get last month's kit revitalised with an add-on - easier than putting your stash away too! Have fun :o)

  5. Gorgeous looking kit, perfect for that *needed* inspiration... just makes me want to create!

  6. Love your kit-and I want to play with those beads and cream colored embellies!