Sunday, September 2, 2012

The secret of my colour-matching success (part 2)

Hello and welcome to the second part of my tongue-in-cheek series entitled "the secret of my colour-matching success".  Tongue-in-cheek?  Well, as you've probably guessed, my secrets aren't really all that secret. 
Can you guess what my second "secret" is?  I'm willing to bet you've tried it yourself once or twice:

The Secret of my colour-matching success, Part 2, or let your patterned paper do the work for you!

 See, I told you it wasn't much of a secret!  Over the past year or so I've leaned much more towards using "B" sides, or tone-on-tone scrapbook papers.  But sometimes I still find a multi-coloured patterned paper can lead the way in choosing colours.
Here's some photos from a trip to Sydney's Luna Park, and a chevron paper I thought would go well with them:

Then I just pulled out lots of different papers (mainly tone-on-tone) that matched any of the colours on the chevron paper.  In this case this was ridiculously easy because a) I still had off-cuts from a number of papers from the same Echo Park collection, and b) this was basically how I put my Counterfeit Kit together, and therefore I had already done the hard work. 
But as I said last time, you really don't have to stick to collections.  I ended up using three papers from different collections on this occasion, but would have happily used more, depending on what I had in my stash.
I ended up making both a double-page and a single page from the photos of this particular day.
First the double:

I took Sketch 9-14-11 and  Challenge #143 at Lets Scrap, to include scoring and/or folding on your page in at least 2 ways. I incorporated this by making some pinwheels . . .

. . . and by folding up my pinked circles on the fold lines.

Next I made the single page, (which took place chronologically earlier, as we crossed Sydney Harbour Bridge to get to Luna Park).  As you can see, I used the same papers, and the left-over pinked circles, but in a slightly different way:

Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever sewn my titles onto my pages, and only the second time I have sewn my journalling lines.  So I hope Clair won't be sick of me when I link up to her wonderful Stitching on Paper class just one more time!

Thanks for stopping by!  I start a block of three weeks casual work tomorrow, so if you don't hear so much of me over the next little while, you'll know why!

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