Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The one with the Speech Bubbles

Does anyone remember speech bubbles in the early days of scrapbooking?  A cheesy photo of some innocent child stuck in the middle of a page with an equally cheesy caption on a speech bubble sticker coming out of their head?
Just so we're all clear on this point, I, personally, never owned, and certainly never used, those original speech bubble stickers!
But today's speech bubbles in today's scrapbooking are a lot more fun and funky, in my opinion at least!

These photos are the first ones printed from our holiday to Port Macquarie last month.  We chose our holiday destination by telling He Who Skates The Most to find a skatepark on the mid-north coast he'd like to visit and we'd try and choose a caravan park based on that.  It just so happened that while we were staying there, a Penny Skateboard promotion had been scheduled, with heaps of give-aways and competitions.
 The weather was not on on the side of Penny Skateboards that day, however, and the promotion was rained out before the skateboarding was due to start.  Between the three kids, they ended up with one free cap and an assortment of stickers, posters, drinkbottles, and this piece of advice:

Almost everything on this page is from my February Counterfeit Kit, the only exception being my DIY letter stickers.

This page sat on my desk for about a week, and was simmering in the back of my head for longer, and when a page sits around for that long, I like to do a super-quick layout to balance it out:

 Like I said, super quick, using the last of the four sheets of older paper from my kit as well as some of the stamped elements.  The chipboard letter have also been sitting in my stash for forever - long enough for me to say to myself, stop worrying about using all the vowels on one page and just use them already!"


  1. Hey I love the speech bubbles!! Great topic to scrap too! xx

  2. LOVE the skateboard advice page! The huge speech bubbles are great! I also love the advice you gave to yourself about the letters....I need to tell myself that, too. "JUST USE THEM ALREADY! In total agreement with you there!

  3. Wow great advice! Love the idea behind this layout - thanks for the inspiration and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too.

  4. lovely pages, and I like how you used the speech bubbles

  5. Great job with the speech bubbles. Love how you incorporated them into the page. Your quick page is wonderfully executed!

  6. Love the skateboard page, great story to go along with it.

  7. These layouts are fabulous!!! I totally know what you mean about the speech bubbles, I never owned anything speech bubble related until just a couple of months ago!!

  8. Love the speech bubbles LO!!