Friday, April 12, 2013

Re-embracing coloured cardstock

It's the end of Term One and I am still totally yearning for a bit of structure to my week - a consequence of working casually in Childcare and not knowing from one day to the next what my week will bring.
I've just had a couple of catch-up days at home that I've really enjoyed, owing to the fact that I took my own advice:

I started my days off with a devotion (2013 style, I've just downloaded an app called "Explore" from The Good Book Company), then wrote myself an achievable list of household chores and worked through it.

The bonus?  An hour or so in the afternoon before school pick-up to spend in the craft room, guilt free!

* * *

Since my decision to re-classify coloured cardstock as an "old supply", I've been determined to include some in my pages this month.

I wonder how many others out there are in the same boat as me, the colours that I'm most drawn to have started to run out, but I'm reluctant to buy more until the stash of cardstock as a whole is significantly reduced!

I thought I'd start with the obvious: using cardstock as a background or significant element in a sketch.  I chose this sketch from Shimelle:

Yep! I think I can find a spot for some cardstock there!

Perhaps it was the fact that we just bought some new chickens last weekend that attracted me to documenting these particular girls . . . 

And then I decided to make another page with a kind of similar feel.  Similar that is, if you reverse the paper and the cardstock, rotate the sketch 90 degrees to the left, expand it into a  double page spread, decrease the smaller photos to one . . .

See what I mean, so similar you can hardly tell them apart! This page depicts a quintessential Aussie farm Christmas moment - a swim in the dam after lunch.

I love including pages like this here on my blog, because Southern Hemisphere visitors would look at this and totally related to it because going for a swim - in the dam, at the beach, the backyard pool or whatever - is so what you do on a hot Christmas day or Boxing day.  For Northern Hemisphere visitors, on the other hand . . . it's so the opposite of what you're used to!

I'm linking up once again with "Whimsical Wednesday" from The Memory Nest, so if you've come over from Leslie's blog, then welcome!


  1. HI Julie. So glad that you linked up again. Love how you used the sketch to create your great layout. the background paper is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. Those pictures are so cute and tender! LOVE how you featured animals and I couldn't help but smile as I looked at the chickens and swimming dog! Great job!

  3. Love the similarity of the pages!! LOL Super layouts and what brilliant photos :0)

  4. Love all 3 pages! And I really like how you stretched that sketch for the second layout!

  5. Lovely use of cardstock - I think we take it for granted and forget just how pretty it can be as a counterpoint to patterned paper or a background for photos and journaling (I especially like that one).

  6. The photo of the cute doggie is adorable! And your two pager is brilliant!

  7. Well done for making a dent in the coloured cardstock pile. Great (& versatile) use of the sketch to make smashing pages.

  8. What a fabulous feather cut out. I hardly buy solid colored cardstock anymore. Good for you for using what you have!