Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We used to dress up . . .

Finally, I have a couple of pages to show you using my April Counterfeit Kit.  

See that paper second from the left with the large peacock in the corner?  I figured that would be the most challenging paper to use, so I wanted to use it first.

I found some old photos from our pre-children days, dressing up for a friend's "Lord of the Rings" themed party.

To add a bit of interest, I ended up being loosely inspired by this sketch at the PageMaps blog:

 Using this sketch meant I went to town using some round elements from my Kit . . . and some that weren't . . .

This is going to sort the book-readers from the movie watchers . . . this party was WELL before the Lord of the Rings movies, I can  tell you!

And since I was doing a Rob-and-I dressing up kind of page, I though I may as well use a photo from another dress up party from the same era. I've used  co-ordinating papers and elements, as well as a slightly closer take on the same sketch:

Asterix and Obelix this time!

The sad thing is, that is all the information I can tell you about this photo.  I don't remember whose party it was, what we were celebrating, and I don't even recognise whose furniture is in the background (other than the fact that it is very representative of the Uni student furniture so many of our friends had at Uni and in the years shortly after).

The moral to the story: document your memories while you can still remember, people!


  1. Great least you have some pictures and maybe one day, a friend will look at it and remember for you!

  2. It must have been a fun party if you can't remember lol. But it's so true, I can barely remember what happened last week sometimes. What FUN layouts!

  3. Such fun photos!!!! I love that you were Tom and Goldberry!!! We are reading The Lord of the Rings so my kids will love seeing your page!!!

  4. What a fun topic! I also loved how you arranged the patterned paper in the first layout so that the bird looks like it's looking at your photo. Great arranging of elements!

  5. Lovely layouts! And yes I too have photos that I can't recognize where we are or what we were sad!

  6. Not a LOTR fan, at all, but I've enjoyed your pages. Fun choice of papers for those party pictures!

  7. what great layouts! Love your takes on the sketch and, you're right, so important to document while memories are fresh in our minds!

  8. Thanks for the important scrapbooking public service announcement. So, so true. Looks like you got the Carta Bella paper pack...I did, too. I love what you did with that peacock paper. The feathers in the photo are a nice tie in.

    1. Not the whole paper pack, but I did go back to the shop at least once to buy more from the same collection!