Saturday, August 16, 2014

Silhouette page 10, and some bonus backgrounds . . .

Well it seems that no sooner had I posted my "mixed media" pages last week, but Ashli Oliver posted yet another beautiful page in which she used the "left over" diecuts from her previous page.
You can see that beautiful page (complete with video) here.

And so I was inspired to make a page that resembles Ashli's page . . . not at all!!!! But that's OK, because I had a lot of fun and challenged myself to see what diecuts I had that I could use on a "boy" page (like I said, not like Ashli at all, who has 4 daughters!)

This page for Rohan, back when he was ten, will sit next to a divided page protector with a bunch more photos, journalling and a couple more diecuts.

But then I was feeling in kind of a mixed media frame of mind, so I pulled some more "boy-friendly" diecuts and placed them on a sheet of cardstock in a colour I don't love . . .

and gessoed over the whole lot!

Then, while I had the gesso out, I did another background, using the negative pieces from a stencil I had cut, which I'd saved for just this reason . . .

Can you foresee some more mixed media fun in my future?  I hope so!  And do you think I might have pressed the "checkout" button to purchase my new Silhouette blade before the gesso dried . . . ?  Well you might not be far wrong!

Last question: do you think I've managed to "use up" my die-cuts?  Lets have a look, shall we . . .

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  1. Now I'm intrigued about what is coming next. Kudos on using leftovers.