Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Counterfeit Kit, "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"

Hello and welcome!

The inspiration over at The Counterfeit Kit Club this month is something a little older . . .

A Jenni Bowlin kit from 2011, accompanied by a more recent Jenny Bowlin add-on . . .

 This month for my Counterfeit Kit, I did something I've never done before . . . I bought some new product!  I know, right?  That's not what the whole Counterfeiting thing is about, is it?  And it's certainly not what I'm about! 
But you see, I've been wistfully browsing the websites of the various Kit Clubs again recently, and yet again come away saying, I just can't afford it!  The overseas ones work out over $50 a month by the time they're posted, and that's without thinking about all those lovely add-ons!  The local ones don't work out that much cheaper, and aren't my favourites.  Then there's the fact that kits tend to be a bit "embellishment heavy" for me, and what about the things you end up with you don't like . . . you know how it goes.
So I figured, maybe what I'm really craving is a regular injection of "newness" into my supplies.  So  while I can't justify $50+ every month, I can do that every 2 or 3 months, with a smaller purchase squeezed in every now and then.  And I also figured, as I usually buy paper, paper and more paper, that I'd experiment with buying a little bit more embellishment fun, and see how that goes for a while.

But enough chatter, let's have a look at the kit that I put together, which I'm calling "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" . . .

Ok, let's take a closer look.  Like last month, I didn't try and follow the kit too closely. I just came away with a list of characteristics I had noticed.  It looked a bit like this:
  • vintage
  • orange, green and brown
  • labels and bingo cards
  • doilies and flowers.
I started with some 6" papers that came in my parcel (Basic Grey "Fact" and Studio Calico "Memoir")  and added some more from my stash . . .

Lots of orange, green and brown! I decided to use that patchwork paper as the colour scheme of my kit, so I added a bit of blue and red as well.  12" papers next . . .

Yikes, this is turning into a big kit again!  But sometimes it's easier to go with that than waste time paring it back . . .

Now I know you're waiting to see what I bought to put in the kit, aren't you?

OK, so obviously when I'm talking about an injection of "newness" I mean new to me, not necessarily products new to the stores! Not one item did I pay full price for.  In there you'll spot some "tiny type" stickers, label stickers and other journalling spots, Amy Tangerine embellishment pack, flags and bingo cards from Jenni herself.  My one regret?  Somehow I didn't realise that I was paying $2.99 for one flower. Three dollars.  For ONE flower.  Imagine if I paid full price of $7.99!!  Admittedly it is a big flower.  Possibly too big for me to use.  But I've put it in the kit and I figure if I haven't used it by the end of the month, I'll put it on a hair clip for my daughter.

 After last month's stamp-and-emboss style of lettering, I'm ready for some quick and easy titles.  Rather than pull out  a couple of alphas, I've divided my entire letter sticker stash (suprisingly large for someone who doesn't buy them that often) into ones that might potentially work with this kit and ones that won't.  I've also rifled through my growing stash of cut-apart tags and journalling spots and pulled out any that might potentially work.  Here's a sample . . .

I've also pulled out this little box of layering goodness, mostly won as a prize a little while back . . .

My kit is finished off with some doilies, and a Kaisercraft "Vintage Timeless" paper pad I bought a while back but haven't touched yet.  I love that Kaisercraft make their pads 6 and a half inches, meaning you can matt a standard 6x4 photo without trimming it down.

I might also pull out some doily stamps, and some lace or ribbon.  If I have the time, I'd love to try my hand at some of the "shabby chic" flower tutorials I've been watching lately, also.

I can smell the sausages sizzling, which must mean it's time to finish up.  Happy Mothers Day to everyone for tomorrow, I hope you get spoilt rotten, and maybe find some crafty time, too!


  1. Love your kit, especially the vintage add on!

  2. Fantastic Kit! Love all your papers and elements. You'd better put that $3 flower on a Special layout. I love your magpie kit,why didn't I think of canvas,oh well there's always next time.

  3. Love your create your own kit idea - very cool! There's just too much stuff and not enough money - I know exactly how you feel. Have fun with your kit.

  4. Loving all the vintage goodness you've collected here. Enjoy.

  5. What a fun, chatty post! I always like to follow the kitting process. I have the same dilemma about monthly kits, and arrived at the same solution of injecting something new in from time to time. Of course, having a rummage through my stash every month often yields "new" things that have been forgotten ;-)
    I think you definitely captured the essence of the inspiration. Oh - and $3 doesn't sound so bad when it's for a flower hair clip!