Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Just One Sheet"

Hello and welcome.  I'm back with another International Scrapbooking Day challenge from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  This time it's the challenge to be inspired by "Just One Sheet" of paper.

I've interpreted this challenge two different ways.

I often include in my Counterfeit Kits one or two "challenge" papers - papers that have been sitting around for a while and/or that I've found particularly hard to use.

This month it was that green and brown paper, fourth from the left.  It's from the Basic Grey "Oxford" collection, and it was one of those internet purchases on super-special that looked a whole lot different in real life to what it did in the little picture on the screen.

My first thought was to cover most of the paper with gesso, and then kind of work from there, which I did.  But I then I thought, why not just use it to back another sheet of paper/cardstock, so I did that.  A bit of the gesso shows, but I'm OK with that.

Next up, I was inspired by a video I saw on Youtube on mixing patterned papers.  Among other things, she cut a sheet of paper in half and then used both A and B side at once by taping them together with washi tape.  (You can watch it here)

I thought this was a super-fun idea, and one I'll probably use again.

I added a couple of 6" sheets from my stash and ended up with . . . something that doesn't look even remotely vintage! LOL.  That's OK, I've still got a couple of ideas up my sleeve to make the most of my vintage-inspired "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" Counterfeit Kit before I abandon the concept of vintage altogether!


  1. Both of these are nice ways to meet the challenge. Lovely layering too! Green papers are always hardest for me to use up too. I like that method of cutting a sheet and using both sides, especially when I cannot decide on a favorite.

  2. I've got some of those "what was I thinking when I bought this?" papers - using it as a backing is perfect when you just can't find another way to use it. I like the addition of the 6" sheets on your second layout. They give a nice modern feel to your more vintage kit and the combination looks great together.