Sunday, May 31, 2015

Going for the vintage vibe on some wedding photos.

 Well, I told you last time I was struggling a bit with the "vintage" feel of this month's Counterfeit Kit.  Without any actual "vintage" photos to scrap, I figured the next best thing was to finish scrapping the photos of my nephew's wedding.  What do you think?

I managed to get in some doilies, a few sheets of the vintage themed 6" papers and even one of the Prima paintable cards.  I even slipped in some lace in between the background layers like the shabby chic girls do!   I finished the page with some metallic gold sewing thread.  (And I might have to take back every superior thought I've ever thought when someone has struggled with metallic thread on their Youtube video, that stuff is temperamental!)

Next up I wanted to do a page about what our family wore to the wedding.  Because if you dress up as rarely as we do, getting new outfits for the whole family is a BIG DEAL.  My husband even bought a suit! (He said: "but I didn't even wear a suit to my father's funeral".  I said "but if you'd had one, you would have").
I spent way too long looking for the second sheet of that blue paper to use on this next page before simultaneously realising that
a) it was from a paper pad I split with my sister, so I don't have the second sheet, and
b) the two pages won't be facing each other in the album, thus making a) irrelevant!

After looking up the page this one will be facing, I immediately knew they would never "match" but I could at least avoid them clashing too terribly.  I used another of those paintable cards, this time I painted the rose and slipped it to the left of the photo, while using the other half in the top corner as my title block.  I was very happy to use one of my Jenni Bowlin Bingo cards on this page as well, and love how "adore my family" kind of becomes the sub-title to the page.

Finally, I wanted to put all the rest of the photos of the day together on a two-page spread. I'm a bit out of practice on 2-pagers, so it was Let's Scrap to the rescue, with this sketch:

Not only did it have the right number of photos, but that tree instantly reminded me of the amazing tree that the wedding took place under, on the bride's family property near Canberra.

Here's how the pages will sit in my album:

Then the double pager:
And finally the two reception pages:

I've got plans for at least one more of those paintable cards and the second Bingo card before I call this kit, if not killed, at least well-enough used for now!


  1. Wow, these look great. I particularly like the double page spread, your inspiration page really worked for you. I still can't believe that you have a nephew old enough to be married. Those hand me down clothes that I still have some of can't have come from someone who's married!

  2. Gorgeous pages! I love the color schemes and products used in all of them. The green and that picture in the top one are fabulous!! Beautiful work.!!

  3. Fantastic collection of pages! well done to have this event scrapped...Love the embellishing and how you did the looks awesome! So glad Let's Scrap came to the rescue for your double rocked it!

  4. Great pages and thanks for showing the close-ups...I love seeing all the little details. That tree with the two wood veneer birds and the hanging hearts is really adorable - love it!

  5. Beautiful pages. The sketch is perfect for your layout. Love the hearts tied on to the branch, the bird in the flower center. Such great embellishing.
    Cindy F

  6. These all look fabulous and weddings are ideal for vintage themed layouts.Tell hubby he looked handsome in his suit.

  7. Super cute layouts you did fine with that kit :)

  8. Such a beautiful collection of pages, love all those wonderful details, especially those little wood veneer pieces!

  9. Gorgeous-lacey, intricate, and lovely layouts!