Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An all-white scrapbook page

This week's So You Think You Can Scrap challenge at Colorful Creations was to create a one page layout with a very simple colour scheme - all white!!  Thankfully, after my mixed feelings about last week's layout, I found a photo that was screaming to be scrapbooked - I just couldn't hear it because it had been sitting in a box for nearly 13 years!

The title "New Beginnings" symbolizes the start of our friend's journey together as a married couple, as well as our journey as parents (Rohan was about 3 weeks old at the time!).  Maddy was encouraging me to cut some love-hearts when I was preparing the heading for the silhouette - I didn't have any hearts I wanted to use, but I did cut some butterflies.  I ended up switching them for the embossed vellum variety - those guys just love landing on all my pages!
The embossed cardstock I used for my background definitely counts as "old supplies".  I bought it in white, cream and black.  The friend I was with bought some too - we were planning to cut individual squares out to use on cards.  I even remember my friend thinking who our mutual friends were so that we didn't both give one to the same person!  I don't know how many cards my friend ended up making, but I know exactly how many I made - zero!  That cardstock ended up sad and lonely in my stash - until today!!
I thought I may as well scrap the other photo I had from the wedding at the same time.  I originally planned to give it a white background also, using the same bazzill as I used for the heading, but then I decided there wasn't enough contrast, so I used the same embossed cardstock in black.

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