Sunday, September 18, 2011

 I didn't mention it, but last weekend I spent the most I have in one shop all year, at a touch over $50.  It was pretty basic supplies - 3 packs of page protectors (most of which I loaded pages into as soon as I got home), some sheets of cardstock (first time all year - shows how much cardstock I have, but there are starting to be a few holes) and 10 sheets of patterned paper.  And that's what I'm feeling a bit bad about, that maybe 10 sheets at once was a few too many . . . I'd hate to think I might still be looking at them a year from now, wondering if it's time to cull them. 
I have used one already, on this page inspired by  the August stretch your sketch from Two Peas in a Bucket.  We recently remembered a phrase that Angus coined when Hamish was just a puppy: "Some people think puppies are old fashioned, but WE don't".  Just a little bit of nonsense that expressed his love, one of those little things we might forget if we didn't record them.
In the sketch, the idea is to use a grid of round embellishments in that space to the left of the photo, and I had probably 20 buttons ready to go.  But by the time I had shifted around my title, that idea didn't work anymore, so I just used 3, in a triangle around the page.

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