Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Colorful creations round robin

At last, I can publish my page for the Colorful Creations round robin.  when I received Paige's layout, the first thing I thought was, "I've just bought a striped paper a bit like that".  The second thing I thought was, "I've got waterfall photos I could use".  And that's how this page began.  I used a similar background paper, placement of elements, style of font, embellishments, even, as I said, subject matter!
I enjoyed making this page, and loved the finished product, but copying everything so closely felt a bit like, well, copying.
So let's call it an exercise in stretching the creative muscles a little differently, but I think I'll go back to doing my own thing!
PS. If you haven't already see the line-up of pages (and I should just say a special "Hello and welcome" to my new readers from Colorful creations) I urge you to jump on over here and have a look.  It's fascinating to watch the evolution of a page as each crafter puts her own unique mark on it!

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