Monday, October 8, 2012

October Counterfeit Kit: "Eclectic Pizza (Plus One)"

Here is the inspiration kit for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge this month:

Ah, where to begin? The kit reveal or the name?  Actually I think I'll tell you how I came up with the name for my kit this month . . .


 As a bit of a birthday treat to myself, last month I lashed out on the Echo Park "Everyday Eclectic" collection kit.  I'd been seeing it on the blogs everywhere, it seemed, and I was loving what people were creating with it.
When I got it home, however, I started to worry that I didn't love all the individual sheets as much as I thought I would.  I did actually make a page only a few days after buying the set, and I do love how it turned out - wasn't Hamish cute when he was a puppy?!

almost finished, bar the journalling on hidden tag

Even so, I was very happy that the sheet of journalling cards was in this month's inspiration kit, as a push to keep on using that collection! I pretty much built my kit on that basis, without too much reference to the other papers, although I think my colours are similar.


As a relative newcomer to "kit" scrapping, I'm still experimenting with how to store my kit each month.  Last month, I tried keeping my embellishments and stamps in a couple of open containers on my desk.  The theory being that this would keep them on my radar and encourage me to use them.  What happened instead, was, they ended up more like distracting "visual noise", cluttering up my desk.

It's a scientifically proven fact that a clean desk is more conducive to creativity*, so this month, I decided to try a different approach. I'm going to restrict my entire kit to what will fit into a pizza box, which can sit under my desk when I'm not rifling through it.

(Plus One)

If you're a regular visitor, you'll know that I often set extra challenges to myself, usually in the stash-busting department.  This month, rather than filling up my kit with embellishments, I'm going to challenge myself to add one (or more) item from elsewhere in my stash, whether it be cardstock, ribbon, flowers, brads . . . you get the picture!

And now the reveal:

 L to R: top row - EP everyday eclectic letter stickers, one sheet ledger paper, 4 sheets from Everyday Eclectic, one sheet SEI (quite an old collection I think, but relatively new to me, I think I bought it for 20cents!)
bottom row - Everyday Eclectic elements sticker sheet, butterfly patterned paper from Crate Paper, (a bit different in terms of colour, but I didn't end up using it last month and I really like it and want to use it before it gets old!), butterfly "lace" paper, 4 sheets from Basic Grey "Konichiwa".

All I added to my pizza box other than that was:
  •  the rest of my white thickers
  • washi tape and bakers twine (as much because they have no actual home in my craft room as because I like them and will probably use them!)
  • the remains of the Everyday Eclectic papers from the "run puppy run" page (including of course the journalling card sheet
  • and a few other off-cuts, but nothing like last kit!
So that's it, Eclectic Pizza (Plus One)!  Are you joining in the Counterfeiting Fun this month?  Whether you are or not, I hope you find time to do something creative, and have a go at the "Plus One" - dig out something old from your stash!

*OK, so it may not be a scientifically proven fact, but it's certainly what seems to work for me - the more the clutter encroaches on my desk, the harder I find to create!


  1. Clutter happens... its a pain, but push it aside and create anyhows! Love your papers in your kit and those washi tapes are fabulous addition too!

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your process. Love your eclectic pizza plus one kit. Great way to use all those lovely pieces. I know the feeling of buying a collection and then realzing that I don't like some of the papers in it...
    Hope to see more of your creations with this kit!

  3. Everything looks great! I agree with you on the desk clutter. It seems I'm more creative when I go to the drawer or shelf to grab something, than when there is a ton of stuff sitting in front of me. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your kit!

  4. I am also in the clean desk camp. Everything get tidied up and put away between each lo. Love the "plus one" idea.

  5. Pizza boxes rock my world,(maybe i will link a picture of some of my stack containers, i also alter pizza boxes for better looking storage. you did good on your kit.

  6. I have always kept my kits in pizza boxes. I like evrything contained in one place and I can just pick up the kit I want to work with and go for it. I have a few boxes left over from when I was a kit subscriber - back in the days before I discovered CKC and so I just recycle them and use them over and over agin. Perfect. I also got the everyday eclectic collection and then worried about using it so was also happy to get to start off with that journalling sheet for this month's kit. Great minds! Your kit looks great with lots of lovely colours and patterns. Hope you have fun with it.

  7. Love the kit you came up with!

  8. Great kit, that Everyday Eclectic looks like a great starting point. And your idea of Plus One rocks!